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Tarotcon Dallas 2014 & Inside the Tower Card Dream

IMG_8067 copy

It was a wonderful time in Dallas last weekend at Tarot Professionals Association’s Tarotcon conference. We had lots of fun from tossing cards onto the floor and reading the “smoosh” to shuffling them around and taking vignetted photos of the cards with our phones. We also had a taste of Julia Hesse’s Living Tarot Oracle with embodied Court Cards…

The Oracle of Initiation Voted a Top Fifty Essential Deck!


I cried when I read the Oracle’s name in the Tarosophist magazine’s top fifty list this afternoon. Some months ago Tali Goodwin asked the Tarot Association’s 13,000+ member Facebook group what their essentials divination decks were, and The Oracle of Initiation is on the top fifty list. This is an especially big deal because people really love the Tarot…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 16: Interview with Virginia Jester and Chris Hopkins of the City Mystics New York Tarot


I was really looking forward to this conversation. On Facebook and in their Kickstarter video both Virginia Jester and Chris Hopkins have a really cool, down to earth vibe, and I felt we could have a great conversation about being artists who have created decks. Also the way they approached their City Mystic • New…

Oracle and Tarot Decks Really Do Come from the Dreamtime (and Hermit’s Lamps) Part Deux

11. Embarking from the Oracle of Initiation with Eshu the African Orisha as it's guardian.

About a month and a half ago I wrote a blog post sharing some of the dreams that guided the creation of my Oracle of Initiation deck. I also spoke of the interview Andrew McGregor and I had on his Hermit’s Lamp podcast of the dreams I had of he and I creating an African…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 15: Interview with Cheryl Fair of the Magical Realism Tarot-Pre-Launch

The Chariot WM LR

It is such a gift to meet a kindred spirit. When I first saw Cheryl Fair’s Chariot card for her forthcoming Magical Realism Tarot I was intrigued. Pamela Steele of the Wizard’s Pets Tarot mentioned in a deck creators forum about this series of posts on crowdfunding, and that was how I met Cheryl. Thanks…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 14: Death, Temperance, and the Devil

Deluxe and new Tarot-size sizes

  Death, Temperance, and the Devil. This is a heady group of cards in the Tarot’s Major Arcana. I had begun this post some days ago to celebrate the arrival and disbursement of the Crowdfunding Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation decks a month early. Then, as the world shall have it, other things came to light,…

The new Tarot-sized Oracle of Initiation Crowdfunding decks are Ordered!

Special Crowdfunding cropping of card 22. Isolation from the Oracle of Initiation

Wonderful news in the Oracle of Initiation realms. The new Tarot-sized decks have been ordered for the Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign! They may be on a slow boat (not from China) since I got free shipping on the 72 sets that were ordered, so we are still shooting for an October arrival. But miracles can come…


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