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Old School Everett

Mellissae Lucia

It’s always interesting to return to where you came from. One of my dearest friends from back in the day happened to move three blocks from my childhood home and now I get to return to the stomping grounds that shaped me. There is plenty of magic here, and these are just some of the places…

Tieton Cycle Kart Races 2014


I love dipping into cool subcultures. Last weekend in Tieton, WA was a delightful peek into the cycle kart world. My buddy from High School, Greg Owen was the MC for the racing events this year, and he invited me along to witness the dusty mayhem with these bright, shiny, handmade, labors-of-love that folks from…

The Oracle of Initiation deck is 8 years old today!

It's birthday spread with cards that will be the new edition Tarot size. left and right cards: 66. Infinity & ). Luminescence. Center Painted Body cards bottom to top:3. Instinct; 36. Trust; 4. Naivety; 37. Subtlety

The Oracle of Initiation divination deck is 8 years old today! Since its first physical incarnation 5 years ago, it has been offering experienced guidance in claiming the beauty available in spiritual transformation to a loyal group of fans. The ancient cross-cultural guardians that emerged for the Painted Body images when I wrote the companion book…


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