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Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign Part 2: Interview with Robert Place of The Burning Serpent Oracle


Robert Place is a modern-day renaissance man. He is a respected Tarot scholar and published author, a multidisciplinary artist and a mystic dreamer. Robert has built his career over time, honing his skills for weaving his intuition with his intellect. He was a wonderful first interview for The Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign series because…

Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign from the Beginning Part 1: Vision-The Social Artists

#AnatomyofCrowdfunding Mellissae Lucia Oracle of Initiation

The Anatomy of a Crowdfunding Campaign from the Beginning: Part 1 Vision: The Social Artists “The Social Artist is one who brings the focus, perspective, tireless dedication and fresh vision of the artist to the social arena. She or he seeks innovative solutions to troubling conditions, is a lifelong learner ever hungry for insights, imaginative…

The Oracle of Initiation deck is 8 years old today!

It's birthday spread with cards that will be the new edition Tarot size. left and right cards: 66. Infinity & ). Luminescence. Center Painted Body cards bottom to top:3. Instinct; 36. Trust; 4. Naivety; 37. Subtlety

The Oracle of Initiation divination deck is 8 years old today! Since its first physical incarnation 5 years ago, it has been offering experienced guidance in claiming the beauty available in spiritual transformation to a loyal group of fans. The ancient cross-cultural guardians that emerged for the Painted Body images when I wrote the companion book…

DreamTime PlayHaüs Premier videos!!!!

DreamTime PlayHaus is Hip Hoppin' ancient Gods and Goddesses in their own contemporary myths to be released soon!

This is it, make no mistake where you are. They have finally busted out, WITH SOME SERIOUS FUNK, The DreamTime PlayHaüs posse is in the joint, and they are livin’ large! Two brand new videos of navigator Spirit Bee, and conjure woman The Patchwork Oracle, premier in this funky and fabulous new series of modern-day…

14 Fantastico Highlights in images from 2013 to usher in the New Year

Stocking Stash

Wow was 2013 a wildly creative year. Here is just a sampling of many unpublished photos from my artistic adventures, iPhone in hand with my Hipstamatic lenses and films leading the way.  And keep your eyes open for the modern myths of DreamTime Playhaus to enchant and surprise in the coming year. If there was…

The Tarot de St. Croix is almost finished! Reserve your own through Indiegogo now

Lisa de St. Croix smiling with the Devil from her forthcoming de St. Croix Tarot deck

I love Lisa de St. Croix. She is a fellow earthen artist who lives the life of the Creatrix. We met when I lived in Santa Fe, and have been friends ever since. She was also one of the featured artists in MK Barr’s movie, Painted in the Desert about my own creative underworld journeys in…

Reclaiming the Power of the Dark Mother Workshop in Seattle October 5th

I have a sweet spot for the Dark Mother. She symbolizes the raw, erotic power of the feminine, the subterranean creative chaos where we access true vitality. She is not concerned with being socially appropriate or nice, and her life is her own. She has her cycles, as does mama earth, going through the death…


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