Paris is Burning-How Could this Foreshadow Coming Revolutions Through a City Mystic Tarot Reading

City Mystic Paris Tarot Deck

Last night after learning about the violence in Paris I  pulled cards from the City Mystic New York Deck created by Virginia Jester and Chris Hopkins. Interestingly, as I shuffled the black limited edition New York deck a major part of my psyche knew I was actually reading the forthcoming City Mystic Paris deck that Virginia is just finishing.…

Souldust Dream Temple Retreat


What an enchanted time we had last weekend. Gathering at one of the most beautiful retreat centers I have ever been to, an intimate group of us explored what our dreams are leading us to and how to embody those precious callings. Aldermarsh was the location for this Souldust Dream Temple Retreat, and it is a beloved wooded…

Orb-alicious When the Veils are Thin in Wallowa, OR


In many cultures this is the time of year when the veils between the worlds are the thinnest, with the Ancestors hovering close by to reconnect with their earthly kin. Orbs in photographs can be signs of Spirit energies making their presence known. Two weekends ago a group of dedicated adventurers undertook a Medicine Walk…

Medicine Walk Magic in Wallowa, Oregon


Our lives have patterns and rhythms, destinies and fates that draw us back to who we truly are. The universe unravels those false selves that we inherited and conjured, awakening the authentic yearnings within. Our culture is so hyper active that to slow down and actually hear the callings of your soul is a major…

iPhone Image Adventures Highlights from Session Two

iPhoneALP11 copy 2

On the first live call for the Co-Creative Adventurers on this second iPhone image journey we all shared our history with photography. Some of us had professional, dark-room, art school, gallery experiences and some of us were self-taught snap shot fiends. The general consensus of the group was that the process was helping them to see…

iPhone Image Adventures Summer Session Highlights

11807308_10205643686144019_1941777451548416719_o copy

You know those times when something sneaks up on you that is so much a part of who you are that you cannot see it? There have been crossroads in my life when wise friends have suggested people, places, and things for my next steps that I had not considered but actually end being perfect. Kitty Johnson…

Mary and Jesus Made My Day-More New Mexico Cemeteries


Continuing the adventure joy of the last post here on Traveling Tintypes, Cosmic Caves, and Barefoot in the Bosque this was a single day filled with northern New Mexico’s gloriously gaudy Catholic cemetery culture. And I say gaudy with great respect. The ability to layer different colors and textures in an explosive, wild, devotional manner is…


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