Jupiter Arts Center Painted Body photography show

Melissa Weiss Steele artist with The Painted Body photography series image "Centered"

Sonya Lea, Cyndi, lil' William at the Painted Body photography art show

Photographer Lisa Scott & Veronica Appalonia of Standing Stone Helaing & Arts Center

poppa Dick Weiss, Sonja Blomdahl, Raynor Blomdahl Weiss at Painted Body art show with Melissa Weiss Steele

Mama, Ronnie at painted body art show with artist melissa Weiss Steele

Roberta Steele & Melissa Weiss Steele at Painted Body photography art show Centralia

Painted Body photographs with artist Melissa Weiss Steele at Jupiter Arts Center show October 10th 2009

The art show Saturday October 10th was a love-fest!!! Bless all 21 people who drove 160 miles round trip to represent at the opening. And Thanks to Robert Tomlinson the director of Jupiter Arts Center & Gallery in Centralia, Washington for creating great  shows and all the local folks who supported the event as well. One of the fellow artists in the show, Tamara Stephas was also there-she was cool-wish I had more time to bond with her. The work looked amazing and the gallery is a gift to the community there.

Holla to all attending:

Beegee, David, Poppa, Sonja, Ray, Mama, The Ron Man, Darrell, Roberta, Sonya Lea, Cyndi, William, Lisa, Veronica, Mary Beth, Frank, Lindsay, Bruce, Virgiania, Stacey & Ken. profound LOVE to you all!! xoxxx Abeja

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