Energetic Sparkles Surging Down My Chakra’s-How I knew I was called to Create The Oracle of Initiation

On April 6th, 2006 I knew I was called to create my own divination deck. As I sat on my couch in Wedgewood, one of the most intense energetic experiences I have ever felt cascaded down through my Chakras*.

So, backing up… at the end of August 2005 I had a major concussion hip-hop roller skating. That initiation opened a flow of creative confidence that changed my trajectory. Living in Seattle at that time, I had been focusing on a Shamanic Healing and Divining practice. During a rare period of down-time after the concussion the Horse Spirits I had been apprenticing to flew through me, and in 2 days time I made 10 incredible horse collages. The power of those horse collages gave me the confidence to pursue my dormant dreams of a visual art career.

Melissa Weiss Steele Pegasus collage

Melissa Weiss Steele Mountain Light collage

Melissa Weiss Steele Fire Horse collage 2005

Melissa Weiss Steele Navajo Zebra collage 2005

Along with the career shift I had also released all of the major obligations I had made over the last three years. I made space. I was claiming what I truly wanted to do, not being controlled by perceived commitments or loyalties to other people or situations. I actually believe this was the pivotal piece allowing me to receive the epiphany of the deck. Challenging ourselves to value and respect our own pathway shows the Universe you are ready to carry a larger dream.  It can be difficult to choose ourselves and our own destiny, but if we really want to fly we need to learn how to do this.

During this time I had been doing career counseling with the gifted Sonya Lea focusing on moving my art into the world. Sonya brings together a background in business and the arts as well as her own writing career and natural intuitive skills through The Tarot. We would work through all of those mediums, weaving together my desire to balance my grounded pragmatism with visionary inspirations. She now calls her coaching “Wild Work,” offering business planning for artists and entrepreneurs to envision their wild lives while creating their work. Part of why I respect Sonya is that she lives the work. She is one of my allies and sisters on this path of passionate creativity. Thank you Spirit. Her Blog link is below, and thanks to Carole Harmon for the amazing picture of Sonya from Cote Savage, Brittany. It’s even a wild sounding place!


Heart Menhir Sonya Lea by Carole Harmon

So back to those sparkles. I have so many different skills and interests that it can be hard for me to focus. I want the smorgasbord life, and at times you do need to narrow it down to a few major projects. Sonya and I made a list of the 3 major ways I might bring my creativity into the world. She suggested going home and feeling into each of the potentials to get an idea of how they might play out.  I came up with printing my art on clothing and accessories; pursuing the gallery world; and doing the deck. Now I must say, Spirit snuck the deck in. It was not actually consciously on my radar, but it popped up when we were doing the list. The Universe works in mysterious ways. When I imagined being in the first two situations they were fine, but not a lot of juice…and its pretty clear I am a juice gal. Then I sat there ready for the deck’s impressions and it was like the top of my head was opened and cosmic faery sparkles of divine inspiration blasted down through all my Chakras and then back up to the heavens again.

I was stunned.

My all-time favorite Carolyn Myss work is her Advanced Energy Anatomy CD’s.  She explains the process of divine ideas moving through each of the archetypal issues within the 7 Chakras. It is a process of initiation on many levels to manifest powerful ideas, and the CD’s outline some of the issues and blocks one may encounter at each level of materialization. That process happened to me on an energetic level in about 15 seconds. I knew I was ready to carry this project I had quietly dreamed of for many years.  So, that was the day I started The Oracle of Initiation.

* Chakras are  7 main energy vortexes within the body that each correspond to different levels of  spiritual and emotional energetic balance and development.

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