Yraceburu EarthWisdom-Family of my heart now in New Mexico

Lynda Yraceburu

Maria Yraceburu

Coyote New Year yraceburu EarthWisdom

It is snowing here in Santa Fe and my heart is  full from yesterdays Yraceburu EarthWisdom Apache New Year Coyote Fire Ceremony. We burned the sacred objects we had created releasing our intentions, wishes & blessings into the coming year. The event was filled with old friends and family members and new wonderful connections. The next event will be the  Bear Way Dreaming retreat where we will all stay up on the night of the solstice and shamanically dream a new reality together. It sounds extraordinary, and I hope you will join us. Registration ends for that event on November 20th-5 days from now. I look forward to sharing other Community circles, Rites of Passage and Festivals of joy with you.

Kwahu Abeja- Eagle Prayer Honey Bee

Bear Way-Winter Solstice Dreaming Reality Retreat

December 19th to 21st, Near Santa Fe, NM


near Santa Fe $379-all supplies, food and lodging included

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