Completed EVENT: Our Temples Illuminated Workshop-Women’s Journeys into Their Sacred Inner-Landscapes

Our Temples Illuminated

Women’s Journeys into Their Sacred Inner-Landscapes

You are invited to deeply engage with

the contours & pathways,

the peaks & valleys

of your own glowing inner-potential

in this inspiring new workshop

by Melissa Weiss Steele

What do you yearn to fill your Temple with?

Is your life missing the juiciness, the passion,

the authentic knowing & clarity

that you sense is deep within you somewhere?

Come reclaim the potent Myth & Mystery of

your true wholeness within a supportive &

like-minded community of women.

Following the 8 archetypal stages of Melissa Weiss Steele’s

original Oracle of Initiation divination deck,

we will explore creativity, divination, ritual, dreaming, visioning

& storytelling as we witness each others transformations.

All Melissa’s Painted Body images from the Oracle of Initiation divination deck shown here are taken alone, on the land-in the arroyos, caves, canyons, and tunnels surrounding Santa Fe.

None of the photographs have been altered or retouched in any way.

Melissa Weiss Steele is an artist and adventurer, having spent the last decade and a half immersed in Norse, African & Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and Western and Archetypal psychology.

8 weeks-Beginning Wednesday January 13th to March 3rd, 2010. 6:30 to 9pm in Santa Fe.

$295 all supplies included- if registered by December 15th $240 with a $50 deposit paid

Contact Melissa at or 206-898-3822 to register.

To see more about Melissa’s art & adventures go to:

The Altar-ing of Self

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