Shrouded and Celebratory-NEW IMAGES Today

Yes, I am a brave soul. The temperature was in the mid 30’s here in the city of Holy Faith, and I went into a tunnel and danced around; Life is good. It is almost The Solstice, a sacred time, a time of transition, a time of awakening. The winter calls forth a natural hibernation instinct-a time to dream; a drawing in of resources and energies to regenerate for the spring. This photo shoot today spoke to both the reverential shrouding and grateful exuberance of the cyclical process of the light returning. The images reflect the timeless journey of silence and contemplation, emerging into the profound joy and gratitude of re-enlightenment. It is the dark & the light; the  solitude and the wild expansion, the monochromatic and Technicolor thrill of life.

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