Holy Ground

Holy Ground by Veronica Koperski

I shall seek no longer for the burning bush;

All bushes are ablaze.

And I will not hasten to depart from daily grief and gladness to climb a holy mountain;

Every Mountain now is sacred,

Each marketplace, and ever home, All, all are blessed

Since God has pitched a tent among us.

Now on our earth are to be found the footprints of the Word made flesh

Who walked with us in wind and rain and under sun and stars,

In joy and sorrow,

Born of Mary, watched over by Joseph,

Eating and drinking, living and loving.

Dying yet living, the Word is made flesh

And all the earth, and each of us is holy ground

Where we must slip our sandal off and walk softly, filled with wonder.

May we all see ourselves as holy ground, and slip our sandals off- filled with wonder. Blessed Be, Aho. love and light in this enchanted season,

Kwahu Abeja

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