Dancing YOUR Illumination in 2010

Make prayers with the earth & the elements & your body; our expansion is directly tied to how strongly we are able to earth ourselves.

Sweat your prayers; adorn your prayers; chant your prayers; engrave your prayers; whisper your prayers; giggle your prayers; embody your prayers.

Reclaim the magic of the unseen; live what you KNOW,  not what you think.

Be kind.

Remember we are the Web Dreamers; we are truly creating a new paradigm, stepping into our collective wholeness/holiness.

Search out what makes you glow & ache & open & surrender & expand & love. Choose to be awake.

Listen to the subtle voices- they carry great wisdom & power.

Beauty is alive.


This incarnation is a divine gift. What will you illuminate your temple with this coming year?

Relax & slow down; there is always enough time.

We have come home. Our Spiritual Families are revealing themselves; let yourself be held & seen by your sacred tribe-what ever zip code they may be in.

We have enough, we are enough-for B.


Allow your visions and insights their incubation process. They will naturally  emerge into the brightness of their unique destiny.

Who are you when you are unbounded by past stories, illusions and misconceptions?

May the gaze of The Beloved pierce your outworn shells of resistance and melt them into a grand river of expansive potential.

You are your greatest masterpiece; Sanctify yourself.

Great blessings &  joy & delight &  passion & courage in 2010. May we walk the sacred path of awakening together.

love and light, Kwahu Abeja

Santa Fe, New Mexico


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