Hawk Maiden-NEW Painted Body Images from 1-1-2010

This was an amazing adventure on the first day of double digits. I got more fear initiation by dealing with icy roads, I was greeted by three ravens, and graciously escorted out by two ravens and three hawks directly over head. I tramped through snow, and took some of these shots. After the image making I looked into the sky and saw these intense con-trails, that were bisecting each other. I have a Blog post about the crossroads on my mind, and was enchanted by these visions, even with the chemical consideration. Then more arrived, all crossing each other. The X’s make me think of the Rune Gebo, Gifts with an inherent responsibility. As I watched the third round of threshold crossings I noticed that I could see the trail of the downward jet’s emissions before the jet reached that spot. Basically, I saw the pathway before the physical plane actually intersected the physical plane; stunning. So, life is completely glorious, and so cool, and I have the best life EVER. Thanks Spirits. xoxx Kwahu Abeja


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