COMPLETED EVENT: Take YOUR POWER BACK and Illuminate your 2010 with an Oracle of Initiation reading



Illuminate Your 2010 with a

New Year

“Awakening your Brilliance”

divination reading with The Oracle of Initiation deck

  • Are you struggling to navigate the challenges & transitions in your life?
  • Do you need a visionary perspective on how to meet your life’s passions & gifts?
  • Are you concerned about sabotaging your potential with old limiting patterns?
  • Have you questioned some of the relationships you are magnetizing, wondering how you can draw towards you what you truly desire?
  • Do you sense that everything that is happening is trying to tell you something-but you aren’t able to grasp what it is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

you may be on the verge of something new-

needing valuable insight & direction

on how to embrace it.

The Oracle of Initiation divination deck is a powerful new transformational tool created by Melissa Weiss Steele. The deck guides modern-day seekers through the complex and shape-shifting landscape of spiritual awakening. The Oracle of Initiation speaks to the paradox of brilliance within the darkness; the illumination available through consciously integrating the sacred gifts contained within our challenges and shadows.

Its a NEW MOON Today-

Invest in the dynamic new energies emerging this year to

become your brilliance in 2010

Special $70 for an hour reading-

Special offer good through the end of February-Then I am off

to teach with the deck on the West Coast!!

To schedule an appointment:

e-mail Melissa at

Credit card payments available through paypal.

Readings are by phone or in person in Santa Fe, NM

In a divination reading we may cover:

  • Reframing the struggles you have experienced, claiming the wisdom and empowerment these sacred lessons are offering you.
  • Learning how to put into practice specific tools, strategies & rituals to deal with the pit-falls, setback, and illusions inherent in any process of transformation.
  • Releasing old constrictions to make the space to expand into the new projects and potentials that are waiting to emerge.
  • How to use your inner resources of clarity, motivation & resilience-making decisions from this centered & intuitive place.

My readings tend to be both practical and profound, with a playful combination of irreverence and fun mixed in. A great reading is ultimately about guidance, compassion and assurance. I believe we each actually know when we encounter the truth about what we need to shift-we just sometimes need direction and wisdom from an experience traveler.

Why did I create The Oracle of Initiation?

Through my own personal struggles, including my husband’s death from cancer, I deeply understand both the challenges and gifts available through embracing change. Chris’s death was the turning point when I decided to finally deal with the deep fears I had experienced for years.

I embarked on a seven-year quest searching for the sources of my true passion and power. Through extensive spiritual exploration, adventure travel, and life-changing artistic processes came the inspiration for The Oracle of Initiation divination deck.

Experiencing first-hand the incredible positive changes in my own life through consciously allowing transformation, I created the deck to support others as they discover their own self-authority, and unique brilliance.

More information and images

The largest selection of Painted Body images from the deck

can be seen  on Facebook. You can also see a fascinating collection of the

influences and inspirations for the deck. You do not have to be a Facebook member to go see this….

Divination Reading & Spiritual Counseling Testimonials

“Melissa Steele is one of the smartest, most adept, and brightest spiritual counselors I have encountered.  She radiates love, optimism and graciousness.  She was able to give me insights about my career path that seemed obvious in retrospect, but were absolutely hidden from me at the time.  Her perspective on my travails helped calm and reassure me that I was traveling the right path.  She’s a sure bet if you’re looking for insight and direction.”

Nancy Desmond, Lynwood, WA Spiritual Counseling client

First off, let me say that I’m probably a bit of a tough customer. I don’t give out kudos easily or often and I go by what works, not by what sounds nice or appears proper.

Going into the reading I was concerned that Melissa’s Oracle of Initiation was based around cards that she had made—and indeed featured her. This proved to be a non-issue as she treats the images as general ones and has completely separated the artistic process of creating the cards from the intuitive process of doing readings. I can’t imagine many people having the skills required to a) create their own deck and b) put them to use so professionally. This allows Melissa to make the most of what is obviously a rare connection with her tools.

To the reading itself—Melissa obviously has a great gift. Without prodding or even much information she honed in on information & areas that were specifically of interest. She also nailed a couple archetypes of mine—by name—without any information or mentions from me. She is very gentle and gracious as a conduit and has a good sense of humor as well. Getting a reading—a good one at least—takes vulnerability and Melissa easily and quickly earned my trust.”

Eben Carlson, Chicago, IL Divination Reading

“From the moment the first card went down I was draw in. Without knowing anything about me, Melissa was able to insightfully interpret the images and themes I was currently experiencing in my life.  Her clarity and compassion offered me direction and understanding on how to better deal with many present situations.”

Adam Frank, Big Sur, CA Divination Reading

“It didn’t matter that Melissa and I had never met, nor that we were doing a reading for my birthday over the phone.  It was a deeply intuitive and insightful reading that answered my questions, even though I never got them asked, and addressed the issues that have been so troublesome, even though I hadn’t told her about them.  She, and the cards, and I were just so attuned that the reading flowed and danced in just the right way.  And in the few weeks since the reading, my energy has been positively bubbling and my spirit has been singing, further confirmation, if I needed more, that this reading was just really right on.  It isn’t that we didn’t identify work for me to do, rather I think that it is because my deep self recognizes that this is the path of coming home to mySelf.  This was a joyful reading.”

Jeanne Raines, Fort Wayne, IN Divination Reading

“I just wanted to Thank You again for my reading-I had been asking Spirit to answer me as to what to do about my romantic relationship. You were able to tune right in and tell me my spiritual calling is tapping on the window of my heart and to trust all will turn out as it should for my highest good. I still remember your sweet smile and kind eyes of compassion knowing what I have been feeling. I checked out your website-seeing the card images gave a face to my Spirit guides who are wanting to communicate with me.”

Diana Delacruz, Houston, TX Divination Reading

“Melissa Dances with Her Oracle of Initiation Cards- Melissa does a dance with these amazing cards, opening her own channels and creating clear communication with her clients.  The cards are a portal into a path of oneness and balance. As a client I was able to expand through the doorway of the images-the light, color, elements and movement within the artwork. Melissa comes through the cards with a high spirituality, modeling true purpose and clarity. Melissa was highly inspired to create these fabulous cards-they are like no other.”

Anariya Rae Olson, Santa Fe, NM Divination Reading

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