Limited Edition of The Oracle Initiation DECK-Coming SOON

Come join me in the Mystery & Magic-

Experience your own Oracle of Initiation deck!!!!!!

This life-changing project overtook me almost 4 years ago.

Read the earlier blog post about the day I knew I was called to create the deck …

The levels of initiation that I have experienced throughout the journey into the deck have truly blown my mind. The amount of deep satisfaction, unbridled joy, and humbling sacrifices that have accompanied this odyssey have completely changed me.

This deck truly has a destiny of its own. I am the carrier, blessedly and graciously, and it is ALIVE.

so… I am going into the technological cave, with my brilliant co-creator Mary Beth to print up 100 decks. Only two-thirds of those will be available; part of the motivation for doing this is to have a more cohesive version to teach with. In March I am heading off to the West Coast to lead some workshops and offer the ritualistic Painted Body processes to others.

The cards will be 4×6-large and lovely; the artwork will hit you like a tidal force at this size. The images are very potent, and when beautifully printed, with glorious rounded corners and an amazing graphic on the back by Mary Beth, this will truly be a joy to divine, dream and vision with.

It is not totally finished. I am completing the written portion, so this is a way for the images and energy of the deck to begin circulating more widely as it weaves into  its fullness. Part of what I have had to learn throughout all of this is that I am the channel, and it will reveal its aspects when and how it wishes.

I had to wait two years after the entire structure and words were down-loaded for the artwork to come through. And interestingly enough, in one of the five notebooks full of information about the deck, I had written exactly what the images looked like {with help from many dreams} nine months before it emerged-without knowing how to do that process at the time, and not having the right equipment!!

Boy has this taught me about the predestined fate of our creations.

This is going to be a pretty fast, they should be ready by mid February.  I will send out a special offer with a reading and/or a sumptuous archival pigment  print of certain Painted Body images from the deck.  These prints looks like watercolors they are so saturated;  you may want to lick them they are so delicious. A divination reading is a really powerful entry into the deck and how it can be used and approached.

I am signing off for now, giving profound gratitude, love and joy to all of the horses; bees; eagles; hawks; ravens; vultures; owls; snakes;  Elementals;  Ascended, Ancestral &  Angelic beings;  and The Land Spirits who have guided me through this journey of awakening-with a special nod to the Spirits & Ancestors of  New Mexico who have danced with me through the arroyos, caves, canyons and tunnels to create this incredible deck.

I also want to thank all of those who have blessed the process with their delight,  inspiration and support as it emerges. That’s YOU I am thanking.

I have been kissed by the creation Angels and can’t wait to see how I can continue to serve this sacred gift.

into the cave….

  1 comment for “Limited Edition of The Oracle Initiation DECK-Coming SOON

  1. Jeanne Raines
    January 21, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    May your offering and project, which does not need my blessing, for it is already blessed, yet be blessed. May you be supported well and held most lovingly as you enter into this new level with your offering. Aho!


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