88 Decks-8 Days-88 Bucks-Order The Limited Edition Oracle of Initiation Deck NOW

88 Limited Edition Oracle of Initiation decks are finally available!

Be the first to own this visionary new divination deck through ordering one of only 88 signed copies available. Now you too can access the ritualistic power and elemental wisdom available through this dynamic new divinatory tool.

I am offering 88 decks, on the 8th day of February, for 8 days at $88.00 each because the infinity sign is a central theme in the deck. The infinity sign represents reclaiming our limitless potential. Bees are also one of the main guardians of the deck, and they are master navigators, pollinators, communicators, community coordinators and carriers of the divine pollen and honey. They fly in the shape of the infinity sign, traveling between the worlds; Spirit messengers from between the veils. May your challenges be alchemically transformed into golden spiritual honey through working with this bee sanctified Oracle.

What you will receive when you order a deck

66 big, beautiful 4”x 6” heavy-weight cards, the entire sequence within the 8 stages of the deck. The Painted Body photographs within the deck look incredible in this size and format; offering a deep and rich engagement with the transformative power of the artwork.  The cards also have a glossy-finish and rounded corners to easily shuffle and lay them out in spreads. Two additional cards include a signed, numbered title card, as well as another with the outline of the deck and how you may use it. All 68 luscious cards come in a golden velvet bag.

The deck’s text is still being completed, so a PDF with a more detailed explanation of the structure, card descriptions and uses of the deck will be available online by the beginning of March. If you receive your deck before the PDF is available, let the cards intuitively teach you how to use them.

So, tell me how I can get one of these amazing decks….


I am offering the deck at an incredible introductory price of $88 per deck, shipping {in the US} and tax included!  This is up to a $31 saving off the usual price of the deck. This special offer will only last 8 days, until February 15th. After that the deck’s price will raise to $99 with shipping + New Mexico tax {if you are fortunate enough to live here in heaven with me} added on. To my lovely supporters outside of the US, a reduced shipping rate will be added to this special offer for the deck of  $30-usually $40 {fine-art archival prints an additional shipping cost outside of the US}.

But wait, there’s more…

I am also offering an incredible deal on either a 60 minute reading with the deck, or a fine-art archival pigment print of one of 8 images from the deck for just For just $148!! All shipping and taxes included within the US. This is up to a $68 savings off the usual cost of the items.

The reading is a wonderful introduction to the energies and process of the Oracle directly from the creator. Scroll below to read more about a reading with the deck…

The fine-art pigment prints are absolutely delicious. They are sumptuous with incredible color saturation, like watercolors paintings.  These prints are really glorious. The image size is 8.25”x11” open-edition. {Larger print sizes available-information upon request}

Go here to see the 8 images  available as prints: http://melissaweisssteele.wordpress.com/buy-an-oracle-deck

And if you want to be a Supa’ Star…

And for those of you who are just thrilled about experiencing all of this amazing art and divinatory play, you can get all three, a 60 minute personal reading with the deck, a fine-art pigment print and a deck for $198. That is an extraordinary $106 savings off the normal rate-OH JOY.


To order go to http://www.oracleofinitiation.com  NOW

to secure one of these extraordinary opportunities before February 15th when the Special Offer ends.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at:



Some practical information


The decks are still in production, and should ship by the end February. If you are not completely satisfied with your Oracle of Initiation deck or print, return them for a full refund.

A note about the edition number of the deck. I initially undertook this project to use the decks within my workshops. I expanded the vision to include a limited edition set. I will retain a number of decks for teaching and promotional purposes that will not be part of the signed and numbered edition.  Only 88 will be signed and numbered.

I also want to offer profound gratitude for all of the Guardians, Spirits and Ancestors who have guided and inspired this project. I want to give a special shout out to the horses, bees, ravens & eagles, and the Spirits of the land here in New Mexico who danced the wild freedom dance with me. And last, but not least Mary Beth-my lovingly patient Photoshop and design guru in Seattle {LOVE the Gateway cards sista’}& John Cavanagh here in Santa Fe for the fantastic Oracle of Initiation web site. Their support was invaluable. Love yah.

About the deck


The Oracle of Initiation by Mellissae Lucia offers experienced guidance through the shadowy & shape-shifting landscape of spiritual transformation. The deck is a portal; a passageway between dimensions, a visionary map through the thresholds and experiences that initiate us into embodying our divine essence. The Oracle also speaks to the paradox of brilliance within the darkness: the sacred illumination available through embracing the treasures within our challenges and complexities.

About the ritualistic Painted Body images

All of The Painted Body images within the deck were taken alone, by the artist herself, in the ancient desert landscape of arroyos, canyons, caves, and tunnels surrounding Santa Fe, New Mexico. In her work, the camera is held at arm’s length, making it a literal extension of her body. At the moment of creation it is both a part of the art and of the artist as well. None of the photographs in The Painted Body series are altered or retouched in any way.

The compelling intensity of The Oracle of Initiation’s images speak directly to the intuitive and instinctive, no longer requiring a vast understanding of a complex array of symbols and definitions. The startling intensity of the dream-like photographs questions our preconceived ideas about identity and reality; awakening a sense of each of our shape-shifting and expansive potentials. The images also reclaim access to the ancient indigenous knowing we each carry within our cellular memory of being guided by otherworldly Spirits, Ancestors, Gods and Goddesses.


About the Creator


The Oracle of Initiation deck emerged directly from artist Mellissae Lucia’s own resurrection after the death of her husband almost 8 years ago. The profound dissolution, despair, and renewal she experienced led her to create the ritualistic Painted Body photography series for the deck.

Mellissae is an artist and adventurer; she has spent nearly two decades immersed in Norse, African & Native American sacred traditions, cross-cultural divination, indigenous dream-work, and Western and Archetypal psychology.  Her extensive background in transformational education, holistic & intuitive healing, and ritualistic creative processes has molded her into an authentic new voice leading us through our massive cultural and energetic shifts.

She leads workshops on creativity and transformation including The Chakras Through Art; Your Sacred Allies; The Art of Change: A Women’s Retreat with Horses; and Our Temples Illuminated: Women’s Journeys into their Sacred Inner Landscapes.


Melissa offers divination readings with her Oracle deck, writes about spiritual awakening and the decks creation on her Blog, facilitates ritualistic photography quests on the land & sells fine art prints of her images. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



Become a Fan on Facebook: “Oracle of Initiation”

Adventures, Events & Workshops


On Thursday, February 25th Mellissae (previous name Melissa Weiss Steele used) will be featured on The Hillary Raimo “Matters for Mind, Body & Spirit” Internet radio program discussing the emergence of the deck from 5-6pm PDT, 8-9pm EDT. http://www.achieveradio.com/hillary-raimo/index.php. You will also be able to find the show archived after the 25th.

This March she will be traveling down the West Coast teaching & lecturing, offering ritualistic Painted Body experiences and divination readings in person with the deck. In April she will undertake her maiden voyage to the Readers Studio Tarot Conference in NYC. These folks are really lovely and excited diviners-meeting more of the tribe is always a gift. Check out my Blog for a schedule of events and experiences.

Oracle of Initiation Deck Fans


“I’m very impressed by the photos of your Oracle, is the deck for sale? I also was struck by the resemblance of one or two of the backgrounds to Uluru, Ayers Rock, in Australia. Great work, Mellissae. Congratulations.”

Rachel Pollack, creator of The Shining Tribe Tarot; www.RachelPollack.com

“Beautiful and provocative work”


James Wanless, creator of Voyager Tarot www.VoyagerTarot.com

“Having a dialogue with Mellissae Lucia’s Oracle of Initiation deck has very often felt like having a conversation with an aboriginal tribe member. Through asking some of the deepest questions from my heart, her cards have opened for me doorways of healing, discovery and celebration. The deck is inspiring, overwhelmingly beautiful and divine in more words than we have to date. It will most definitely be a very influential stepping stone in the awakening of the spirit that’s to come for all.”

Brittany Parise, Santa Fe NM

“After feeling ‘ho-hum’ about most of the decks I’ve worked with in the past; the power and illumination of the Oracle of Initiation blew me away.  My connection to the images and supporting words rang like crystal.  I knew immediately that this was the deck with which I needed to ‘work’; though the messages communicated to me are so clear and flowing that I would rather call it ‘play’.

Lyric Kali, Santa Fe NM

“Your self portraits have always been amazing, and the Oracle of Initiation portraits are astoundingly beautiful and powerful. I am AWESTRUCK by your work. When do the cards come out?  I cannot wait to get my hands on them!”

Jen Eramith, Seattle, WA www.AkashicTransformations.com

“Mellissae Lucia’s new deck, The Oracle of Initiation, brings powerful messages with a surprising amount of ease.  I have been a psychic reader for more than a decade and have never found a divination deck that I could use in my sessions with clients – they’ve always been a distraction more than a useful tool for me.  (I use divination decks for personal use and with friends and too often need to refer to the book to understand messages being offered.)  The Oracle of Initiation speaks directly to my own knowing and deepens my work so beautifully. It’s such a joy to use.  I also use it for guidance in my writing projects.  Thank you Mellissae for such a beautiful and heartfelt deck.  I am transformed!”

Coleen Renee, Ellensburg, WA www.ColeenRenee.com

Divination Readings with The Oracle of Initiation Deck




  • Are you struggling to navigate the challenges & transitions in your life?
  • Do you need a visionary perspective on how to meet your life’s passions & gifts?
  • Are you concerned about sabotaging your potential with old limiting patterns?
  • Have you questioned some of the relationships you are magnetizing, wondering how you can draw towards you what you truly desire?
  • Do you sense that everything that is happening is trying to tell you something-but you aren’t able to grasp what it is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

you may be on the verge of something new-

needing valuable insight & direction

on how to embrace it.


My readings tend to be both practical and profound, with a playful combination of irreverence and fun mixed in. The information that comes through The Spirits and Ancestors tends to be about your soul-calling and the opportunities and potentials available at this time.  A great reading is ultimately about guidance, compassion and assurance. I believe we each actually know when we encounter the truth about what we need to shift-we just need direction and wisdom from an experience traveler.


In a divination reading we may cover:

  • Reframing the struggles you have experienced, claiming the wisdom and empowerment these sacred lessons are offering you.
  • Learning how to put into practice specific tools, strategies & rituals to deal with the pit-falls, setback, and illusions inherent in any process of transformation.
  • Releasing old constrictions to make the space to expand into the new projects and potentials that are waiting to emerge.
  • How to utilize your inner resources of clarity, motivation & resilience-making decisions from this centered & intuitive place.

Divination Reading Testimonials


“It didn’t matter that Mellissae and I had never met, nor that we were doing a reading for my birthday over the phone.  It was a deeply intuitive and insightful reading that answered my questions, even though I never got them asked, and addressed the issues that have been so troublesome, even though I hadn’t told her about them.  She, and the cards, and I were just so attuned that the reading flowed and danced in just the right way.  And in the few weeks since the reading, my energy has been positively bubbling and my spirit has been singing, further confirmation, if I needed more, that this reading was just really right on.  It isn’t that we didn’t identify work for me to do, rather I think that it is because my deep self recognizes that this is the path of coming home to mySelf.  This was a joyful reading.”

Jeanne Raines, Fort Wayne, IN

“First off, let me say that I’m probably a bit of a tough customer. I don’t give out kudos easily or often and I go by what works, not by what sounds nice or appears proper.

Going into the reading I was concerned that Mellissae’s Oracle of Initiation was based around cards that she had made—and indeed featured her. This proved to be a non-issue as she treats the images as general ones and has completely separated the artistic process of creating the cards from the intuitive process of doing readings. I can’t imagine many people having the skills required to a) create their own deck and b) put them to use so professionally. This allows Melissa to make the most of what is obviously a rare connection with her tools.

To the reading itself—Mellissae obviously has a great gift. Without prodding or even much information she honed in on information & areas that were specifically of interest. She also nailed a couple archetypes of mine—by name—without any information or mentions from me. She is very gentle and gracious as a conduit and has a good sense of humor as well. Getting a reading—a good one at least—takes vulnerability and Mellissae easily and quickly earned my trust.”

Eben Carlson, Chicago, IL

“From the moment the first card went down I was draw in. Without knowing anything about me, Mellissae was able to insightfully interpret the images and themes I was currently experiencing in my life.  Her clarity and compassion offered me direction and understanding on how to better deal with many present situations.”

Adam Frank, Big Sur, CA

“I just wanted to Thank You again for my reading-I had been asking Spirit to answer me as to what to do about my romantic relationship. You were able to tune right in and tell me my spiritual calling is tapping on the window of my heart and to trust all will turn out as it should for my highest good. I still remember your sweet smile and kind eyes of compassion knowing what I have been feeling.”

Diana Delacruz, Houston, TX

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