Showered with Abundance and San Diego’s Joyful Work

The Landscape of an Initiatory Journey workshop Monday in San Diego with Trevahr

Wow. I feel unbelievably blessed. I have been truly SHOWERED with abundance and gifts along this pilgrimage to the west coast. I have traveled to Esalen and Big Sur soaking in their luxurious baths above the ocean; I had a powerful reading with Luisah Teish the Orisha Priestess in Oakland; I have danced, and played and explored all up and down the coast; I have visited a jungle garden in Santa Maria; I have communed with the rolling hills in Joshua Tree; I have visited Mona Divas desert dome  and the incredible and inspiring Rhonda the Earth Steward real-estate goddess who has one of the most delicious and magical gardens I have ever encountered; I am staying in the sacred and nourishing  Elder Palms Sanctuary with my Soul Sista and drum maker extraordinaire Lisa Starr,  I have been inspired by more of my Soul Family Ken & Stacey of Go Gratitude in Phoenix; I ate at the Gratitude Cafe in San Francisco;

I received my second Bones reading from Shamanic practitioner, friend and initiated Sangoma Gretchen Crilly McKay; I got to share the project of my heart with my Shamanic dreamer teacher, Valerie Wolf; I have gotten to commune with Gabriel and his magical stone jewelry and Dragon Boxx Drums; I got to experience downtown San Diego and the clubbers after going to Kamala Devis’s delicious Tantra Theater in its new space; I have been so so blessed by beautiful gatherings and connections here in San Diego including a great potluck Sunday night and the telling of the initiatory journey of my Oracle deck last night at Nikki and Neils-Nikki of Yraceburu EarthWisdom family; Today I offered divination readings at Controversial bookstore {LOVE them there-go-good peoples}-with a special shout-out to T there…and special thanks to Jade Mans navigation, support and expansion on the trip.

I am having a LOVE AFFAIR with the Old Skool psychic and palm reader signs. I think I want my own...this is at Controversial Bookstore was ME

Nikki and Neils Classic, amazing, psychedelic gold lamee with birds circa 1968 bathroom wallpaper. they all heard me whoopin and giggling as i too these shots...

Trevahr and Lori divining

LOOK at the Spirit Spot Lisa got behind us...

In the next couple of days I will draft an interesting lesson in abundance beyond cash….but photos for now….love and light…

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