Tribal Transformations in Joshua Tree-Couples Painted Body Ritualistic Photography

What an incredible journey this has been. The last month in California has yielded more connections, joys, abundance, satisfaction and fulfillment than I can express with words. This maiden voyage with my Oracle of Initiation deck has shown me a depth of community making  that I have anticipated for years. Some of us feel the winds of change long before they are to arrive on the earth-plane. This has been true for me, and I have made myself a little crazy at times wanting visions to land long before they were truly ready to manifest. 2010 is the year for many of us to actually step into our embodied power in a visible and potent way.

If you have read this blog before, you know my work is about reclaiming our unique inner brilliance. In my journey into self, I was taken through an incredible process of spiritual awakening after the death of my husband 8 years ago. Part of that transformational process was discovering my Painted Body ritualistic photography on the land. The Painted Body series completely transformed my relationship to trust, surrender, faith, guidance, co-creation and magic.

I became the earth again, I danced in the ancient ways, I became other and revealed the multi-dimensionality of who we all truly are. There is something that happens when you follow your instincts, humbly open to the process, and step into an altar-ed state of engagement. And it is an engagement, with the earth, the spirits, your senses, your physicality; the realms between the worlds; your multifaceted self;  your sensuality, power and passion; your fear, resistance and anxiety; your faith, curiosity and resilience. You are revealed and tested, exposed and expanded when you offer yourself up to the unknown.

I am a steward, a guide, an ally on this path of sacred surrender and emergence. I have apprenticed to the surrender myself, and now I step into offering it to those called to this level of work. Not everyone will be drawn to this process, but for those of you who are, this may be one of the things you have always been waiting for. That was true for me. The level of intensity mixed with Holy Play fed my inner ritualist in ways nothing else has.

Until 3 days ago, I had only experienced the Painted Body process with another  once. {This process is never done alone, you just may not see the participants with your earthy eyes}. You may see photos from that first collaborative shoot with Trevahr here:

Now, nearly a year later, I have been blessed with creative consorts once again. Lisa Starr is a sister of my heart. We became family on the Yraceburu EarthWisdom Hopi Pilgrimage 4 years ago in Arizona. She is a sacred drum maker, ceremonialist, and powerful carrier of fire mixed with water. She has created a beautiful and sacred retreat center in Vista {San Diego}, California called Elder Palms Sanctuary. She hosts spiritual,creative and transformational events, and you can learn more about offering your next event at her space on Facebook  under its name and at:

Her partner Gabriel is a magic man, a musician, a powerful sacred adornment creator, a Dragon Boxx drum maker, and a visionary. They carry a love, respect and partnership that many of us are still seeking. We have wanted to collaborate in this way for nearly a year, and Joshua Tree called us this week.  I am honored and awed to witness their own powerful process. Blessed bee and profound gratitude for work I love…and contact me if you would like to know more about participating in this process yourself or with your partner.

"Opening" Oracle of Initiation divination Deck by Melissa Weiss Steele

Also..I have another event here in San Diego if you would like to hear more about the creation of my Oracle of Initiation divination deck and play with a premier printing of the limited edition deck. It is tomorrow night, April 2nd, at Controversial Bookstore 7-9 pm. $30.00 You may also purchase one of the 88 limited edition decks at my web site:

  2 comments for “Tribal Transformations in Joshua Tree-Couples Painted Body Ritualistic Photography

  1. Steve Pitt
    June 24, 2010 at 2:40 am

    This web site is divinely inspired…….
    I wish to share a few insights with you….
    The 8th Hopi prophecy started at the February Eclipse……the Sabian symbols indicated that the new paradigm has a name or focus, the general has to concede defeat in order to save grace, 10 logs under a bridge leading to virgin forest,the teacher teaches the ideal of the new world, and last but not least the focus or name of the new paradygm: a Faery in a waterfall…..
    It wasn’t until ‘Avatar’ the the word ‘sustainability’ floated across the lips of the awakened….This is the beginning of the long hairs returning to sustainable/tribal ways…
    They have another name…..’the uninitiated’….it will be they who are second to experience our ‘sky family’….
    Disclosure will be first with the initiated…..and that will happen at ‘ceremony’……
    All good ceremony recognizes the elementals or the quarters:
    the sylphs are at the uranus,jupiter
    the undines are at moon, pluto
    the gnomes are at saturn
    the salamanders are at sun, mercuruy
    …and has a focus or direction……
    ..Well how about a grand square involving 7 out of 10 planets in many squares…at a lunar eclipse… and the focus is the galactic core….
    ….pick a portal and do your ceremony…..sister…say hell to Saquasohuh
    I’ll be in phoenix


  2. April 2, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    Once again… you sing a song so dear to my soul….. Sister you are blessed, as a trailblazer and light way shower….. It is a heavy load to bear sometimes…. but when you so openly give and create and share the wisdoms, you are blessed deeper and richer than can be told…. Love ♥


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