Being Seen, Met, and Held

This has been a fascinating life-time for many of us. Many of you  reading this will recognize the feelings of isolation, not truly belonging, and a deep yearning for authentic family that has challenged us for years. Many of us have also carried a deep, deep knowing that we came to the earth-plane to accomplish things. Most of us have spent our lives searching for this sacred work we know we contracted to do. We are currently in a massive process of personal, cultural and planetary awakening; we are re-illuminating our divinity. We are coming home, bridging between the earth and Spirit realms. We are becoming Spirit being in human form. Moving out of the 4th world of Soul Sickness and duality, and expanding into the 5th world of peace, harmony and connection. One of the words for this is the ascension process, the reclaiming of our birthright as  True One’s. A channel, Solara, {} wrote an enlightening map to 2010 and stepping into our power. Her website is vast, and I did not find the exact article I read on  First & Second Waves and Bridges in 2010 from the Starorchid newsletter, {a wonderful mix of metaphysical/Spiritual/ awakening/ascension information} , so I made a note on Facebook with the entire article. If you are not on Facebook, comment that you would like the article and I will e-mail it to you.

Solara’s article speaks of the different eras that  people have chosen to incarnate into bringing in these cosmic shifts we are experiencing. The First Wave is the early metaphysical folks who had a rough road. There were less of us awake, and the energies they were swimming against were much denser and more challenging. The Second Wave is the younger folks who came down to really usher in the new paradigm, but have been on hold because their contracts have not been opened yet. The Bridge folks, {I believe I am one}, are here as a link between the First Wave and The Second Wave. The Bridges understand both groups, and are to pass the sceptres, the torches of knowledge, from the First to Second Waves.

The article also speaks of stepping into being “True Ones.” Making the leap and living NOW as if we are divine, enlightened, awakened, BEING the new paradigm.

This is an interesting thought, to Just Do It. I know personally that I have been in a training and calibrating process for most of my life, with a consciousness about it for nearly 20 years. I have never felt anything like this year. It is expansive, fast, and the potentials feels truly tangible. I see myself and others stepping into our power and knowing in ways that were unavailable before. I am witnessing dreams and projects coming into being that have been in process for years. I personally feel an internal optimism and trust that I have been praying for for years.

Lets talk about miracles. One of the sisters of my heart, Janet Lightstone, is an incredibly gifted psychic and channel {} . She trains folks in their own intuitive and psychic skills, channels White Eagle and John The Divine {Her book on John’s life has  just been published. I  can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.  I have been told it feels like you are inside his experience}, offers starseed activations, and has a terrific radio show. When I was in San Diego we were discussing offering our sacred work and being supported in it. One of the kernels of wisdom St. John the Divine shared with her was about Miracles. Heres the deal. In order to receive a miracle, WE MUST MAKE A LEAP OF FAITH. That leap of faith can look like many thing. Investing in a project or a goal wholeheartedly, facing our fears and stepping into a new role or responsibility, choosing to open-up and be vulnerable, finding your inner fierceness and creativity beyond your fears of judgment and criticism. This is what Solara’s article is talking about, leaping off the cliff before we are guaranteed the net below. The net is there, but we must free-fall and trust that they GOT US.

I just did this myself. The net was there. My Capricorn Moon was delighted. Thank you Universe. And thanks to my courage for making the leap.

Being seen, met and held is what I have been searching for my entire life. For many of us we truly were plopped down in family systems where we were NOT to belong to so we could find our own pathways. I know for myself that if my family of origin relationships had been more sustainable I never would have become the person I am now. I would never have left the nest, never  have ventured out and found my own passion, creativity and courage beyond the tribal consciousness. I would have stayed within the cultural expectations to feel safe and belong.

So here many of us are now, having been trained and initiated for years for our Souls Callings. As one friend said, he feels like he has been training for the Olympics for decades, and he wonders when he actually gets to play. 2010 is the year to step into our True selves. The psychic, astrologer, and Tarot expert  Beatrex Quntanna {} has said that if you have been showing up, doing your work and creating the structures for your dreams, 2010 is your Disney Land year. The world is your oyster. It really will start to come together; opportunities, synchroncities, alliances and potentials will truly begin to land.

I am experiencing this.

My leaps of faith in the last year have been coming out of a seven-year cocoon where I was alone 90% of the time, facing my life-long fears about being “seen” and accepted, and dedicating myself to my career with no Plan B.

On a more practical level I took the bull by the horns and self-published my Oracle of Initiation divination deck. I also scheduled a lecturing and teaching tour as an Oracle throughout the California coast. I have been doing this work for many years; teaching, traveling, divining, visioning, creating. I have never felt the grounding and expansion of my work  like I did this trip.

On this tour I was truly seen. The tribe is showing up, the True Tribe, my Spiritual Family, the kin I have always been waiting for. I was seen for my heart, my intention, my complexity, my dedication, my delight, my fierceness. I was met with others excitement, joy, emergence, openings, and willingness to step into their brilliance. I was held by The Universe; all of the abundance, support and joy that flowed through the trip. I was given earth-plane guardians and guides to help navigate the terrain. I received the resources, locations and opportunities to really shine. I was held by beautiful and heart-centered people who were thrilled to meet my sacred work. I was tested and trained to remain in the trust and Knowing. I give profound blessings for all you beings of love and light who have helped illuminate my pathway, and I look forward to dancing into our magical new world together, seen, met and HELD.

  2 comments for “Being Seen, Met, and Held

  1. mwsteele
    April 10, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    You are welcome love, its time…did i send you the waves + bridge article? will send it on FB….good stuff…xoxxxx
    Dinner in NYC???


  2. April 10, 2010 at 1:11 pm

    Thank you, M. This is it exactly. Ready to leap….just gathering the energy (because I’m not sure how yet)….THANK YOU.


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