Completed EVENT: Gaian Tarot and NYC Reader’s Studio Tarot Conference

Hello lovelies!!! I am in NYC, on of my ALL TIME FAVORITE PLACES.

I fell in love with this land when I was 16 and I took the bus from DC where a huge Romare Bearden {Harlem Renaissance genius collage artist} was having a retrospective of his work up to the blockbuster Matisse show at MOMA.

It was dusk, and I looked over at the Manhattan skyline from the greyhound bus and had a visceral feeling of the power and magic of this incredible city; I fell in love. I have been back many times, and as I become more expansive energetically it takes more cleansing and intention to be with the hectic energy…and  I still walk around with a huge grin on my face loving the entire experience. It’s like the circus on acid. So many styles, cultures, languages…wow, a reason to be alive. I spent a glorious day with my dear friend Sonya Lea who did a pilgrimage to India this January, and she said NYC is calm in comparison. wow.

I am here for the 10th annual Reader’s Studio Tarot Conference organized by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone 400 Tarot enthusiast spend a long weekend together divining, sharing and expanding. I can’t wait to meet all my new playmates. One of the people I have been waiting years to meet, Joanna Powell Colbert, the creator of the Gaian Tarot, will be here! Oh joy. She reviewed an early prototype of my Oracle of Initiation deck, and I want to show her the limited edition deck.

In the last session of my “Our Temples Illuminated-Women’s Journeys into their Sacred Inner Landscapes” workshop we used Joanna’s just published Limited Edition Gaian Tarot Deck with The Oracle of Initiation.  It was a juicy addition to our Oracle deck reading. If you are inspired, you could go buy both our decks and play!! More dispatches from NYC soon, I am off to the  Met Museum today to see ancient Tarot decks in their cloistered back rooms….blessings until next time, M

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