Angels and Oracles, Masonic Temples and Mystereum Tarot

Amy Milder & I at the Women's Health Fair in Santa Fe offering Angel and Oracle readings

Wow, has this been a delicious time in the Santa Fe divination & Tarot community. A few weeks back Amy Milder and I had a wonderful day offering readings at the DeVargas Mall Women’s Health Fair, and yesterday the Santa Fe Tarot Meet-Up got to tour the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple and then experience J Jordan Hoggard’s lively presentation from his forthcoming Shiffer publication, Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer.

Amy doing her thang...

Amy Milder is a sparkly and gifted healer and friend. She channels Angels, is a Crystal Healing therapist and an EFT trainer. We bonded when I first moved to Santa Fe over our shared delight in pop culture references, our irreverent and earthy sense of  spiritual transformation, and the joy of expressing our inner girly-girls. I adore her and our work compliments each other.

Santa Fe Scottish Rite Temple stage mural

Carrie Paris, our resident Tarot Goddess and organizer of the Santa Fe Tarot Meet-Up scheduled a tour of the big pink Moorish castle here in Santa Fe. A gaggle of Tarot enthusiasts explored the hidden and magical worlds of this 1911 Santa Fe Icon. The photographs of the current presidents of the organization spoke to me, as did a bronze bust of a forefounder that was alive. {Faeth saw it too, out of the corner of your eye this art piece was actually living.} The photographs said, in a solemn and cryptic way, “We know things.” hmmm…..they probably do, keep on keepin’ on with your bad-ass selves; power to the mystics.

One of the highlights of the tour was their sunken theater and stage. The room was outrageously lush, with glowing stars in the ceiling, symbolically rich stained glass windows, embellished columns, gigantic murals and a feeling of steeping back a century or two. The Mason’s obviously have a wonderful sense of pomp and circumstance because the host waited about twenty minutes into our discussion  before they raised the main mural and exposed a layered set that was of a verdant woodland scene. I think a few of us almost passed out. It was so lovely, and so enlivened by the years of use that most of us had the sense of actually being able to walk into the pathway that beckoned on the canvas. My inner child went berserk and wanted to move in. The palette was also so beautiful, I imagine it was originally created in the 1930’s or 40’s; the sage greens and muted oranges spoke of that era’s design sense. yummy.

An early 20th century SW woven altar cloth with their symbols...the upper images are upside down because it would have hung down on the table

Carrie Paris our Santa Fe Tarot Tribe organizer and resident Goddess!!!

And as if it couldn’t get any better than that, we got to go into the COSTUME ROOM. Lord have mercy it was cool. The collection of costumes from the early 20th century were so baroque, so sumptuous, so deliciously sacred that you could feel the reverence of the artisan who made them. This collection is truly a treasure.

The Scottish Rite Temple's valuable and magical costume vault...i wanted to move in

J Jordan Hoggard of Mystereum Tarot in the glorious woodland set at the Mason's stage

The magic and myth of the Masonic Temple was a perfect introduction to Jordan’s first presentation to the Santa Fe Tarot tribe. I met Jordan about a month ago at the Reader’s Studio Tarot conference in New York City. He has created a unique system using his Tarot in the Land of Mystereum:An Imagination Primer to support each of us in reclaiming the power and passion available through our own inner reservoirs of creativity and vision. Last year at the Reader’s Studio he signed a deal with Shiffer publishing to offer this exciting exploration of Tarot, Feng Shui, architecture; each of the cards speaking in the first person to guide you through your own awakenings. His presentation was lively and imaginative, just like him. Jordan will be moving  to Santa Fe in a couple of week from Denver, and he will be a fabulous addition to our thriving community. In June I will be giving a presentation with my own Oracle of Initiation divination deck to the Santa Fe Tarot Meet-ups, and we will raffle off a copy of the deck…be there or be square…

J Jordan Hoggard with his "Tarot in the Land of Mystereum: An Imagination Primer" deck at the Santa Fe Tarot Meet-up offering a very interactive spread..

  2 comments for “Angels and Oracles, Masonic Temples and Mystereum Tarot

  1. May 31, 2010 at 4:52 pm

    That was such a fun day doing readings at the Women’s Health Fair! I wondered what had happened to the pictures… sneaky Melissa. *smooch*


  2. Jordan Hoggard
    May 31, 2010 at 12:55 am

    WOW the masonic Scottish Rite Temple Tour struck chords that resonated on so many levels! Architecture. Geometry. Art. Symbols. Divination. LIFE! And, the lush and feathery pastel forest nestle-drew me in. I smiled as you expressed the masons’ theatric sense of pomp and circumstance. . .waiting 20 minutes to OMG THAT WALL is NOT A WALL!. . .and the magical forest scene opened up in big abrazos soft-style welcoming.
    It was an honor and a full-on blast to have the opportunity to present to the Santa Fe Tarot Tribe! Thank You for featuring my presentation in your blog, Melissa.


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