Completed EVENT: Initiating The Oracle on the land of it’s Emergence: Santa Fe Tarot Meet-Up

What an incredible evening. The Oracle of Initiation and I were blessed to be invited by Divining Goddess Carrie Paris to present the deck to the Santa Fe Tarot Meet-up group. This was the largest group I have shared The Oracle with, and everyone got to play with a deck. It was such a powerful experience to be able to spin the tale of its birth on the land of its creation. Thank you to the entire Santa Fe Tarot Tribe for supporting my sacred work.

Thank you Brittany Parise for these fabulous photographs, you are such a gift…

Mille Grazie for work I love. Kwahu Abeja

Caterina (Carrie) Paris


“Melissa Weiss Steel transported our group to Higher Ground through her life changing narrative of how and why she was guided to create her amazing deck, The Oracle of Initiation. Using her deck’s navigational ‘gates’, Melissa took us through a reading that initiated a deeper relationship with our divine origins and the Earth mission designed therein. And if that wasn’t enough, Melissa generously raffled one of her exquisite decks to our tribe. How fortunate where we who attended this most beautiful offering?! Thank you Goddess Melissa!”

Brittany Parise

“The heart vibration of the entire room was…pulsing. The deck is fabulous and Melissa is a true Oracle…the best I’ve ever seen! Thank you!”

Tami Moore

“Melissa and her beautiful deck was an incredible experience and still is effecting me hours later. Thank you Carrie for being so gracious a host and thank you Melissa for sharing yourself in such a deep way. Xo”

Lisa de St. Croix

“Melissa was awesome – spirited, knowledgeable and interesting. Love her beautiful deck.”

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