Lisa De St. Croix’s Magical Tarot Paintings

Lisa De St. Croix is a fascinating woman. She grew up in South Africa, and has always had the heart of an artist. Her work reflects her deep mystical roots, weaving together her own spiritual journey  with ancient and archetypal imagery. Her series of Gods and Goddesses are incredible ranging from The Guadalupe to Kali to Hopi Kachinas. I am partial to her own autobiographical work of a woman’s deep transformation. The images are raw, gorgeous and completely compelling. In her 10 foot high paintings she may be a woman diving into a pool of water as her legs become a snake, or she is intertwined with her lover, their bodies merging into vibrant fall leaves. Her Kundalini Opening painting with a snake winding up through her body is breathtaking.

We first met when I became part of the Santa Fe EmbodyDance community and someone said we had both done divination decks. Her first deck is a collection of her own paintings with Deities, Elements and Animals Spirits as your guides for and insight and inspiration. I am lucky to have a copy…you can contact her if you would like your own!!! You can friend her on Facebook and see her paintings at her web site…

In the last few months she has been called to a new project that weaves together all that she is. She is painting her own Tarot deck;  following sign, synchronicites and the wisdom of the Universe to create her version of the classic divination tool. Below I have included some of her own writing about this journey and some photos we took in her studio yesterday in Santa Fe with the cards she has done so far. I am so excited to have a front row seat to this magical process. Love yah sista..xoxxx

Nine of Pentacles

I am so excited to pull the Nine of Pentacles as the first card to paint in my new project: painting the Tarot Deck. It is the card about a labor of love, solitary, creative and spiritual work. This deep work will be rewarded by a good harvest – material prosperity.

Synchronicity came up when I pulled an extra card from The Goddess Tarot, created by Kris Waldherr and it was Isis. A year and a half ago I did a shamanic journey to the Upper World and there in a small temple sat Isis – she instructed me to paint the Tarot. She is here with me as a guide. On her arm sits a falcon, the falcon also appears in the Smith/ Rider/Waite deck. It is a symbol of mastery, of harnessing power to manifest.

This card indicates that there will be gain by being in harmony with nature and the elements. Trust the Universe to take care of you, follow what has heart and meaning. It is a card of self- reliance, of pleasure, sensuality and luxury.

I painted myself, grounded in nature, in a beautiful setting – the red cliffs of the Southwest, a pool of water behind me and an adobe home. I am looking at the fruits of my labor – the sunflower symbolizes my soul card “the Sun” – I live up to my fullest potential. I bring beauty and spirit through my art.

The Devil

I woke up and saw a shaft of light hitting my mothers old “Marseille Tarot”. I only use that deck to communicate with her – she died twenty four years ago. Immediately fear came up for me – as a child I had been afraid of that deck, always pulling The Devil, The Hanged Man, Death. But I felt directed to pull a card. Synchronicity again…I pulled the Devil. Oh, no I had made a contract with myself that I was going to paint whatever card I got.

The Devil – what ancient archetype does it represent? Our shadow, the bit’s of ourself we are ashamed of. By keeping these parts of ourselves in the shadow we only feed The Devil and are held down by that energy. But, if we can face our inner demon, enormous energy is released and darkness becomes light (Lucifer means bringer of light).

I realize that my fear, my shame and my guilt hold me down. But my shadow is the Buddah – sit with it and eventually I can throw off The Devil’s hold and move on……

Three of Wands

My son Noah suggested I pull a Tarot card for mother’s day as the next card to paint. I pulled the Three of Wands. I was struck once again by synchronicity; in the Book of Thoth, Aleister Crowley gives this explanation of the Three of Wands: The will has been transmitted to The Mother who conceives, prepares and gives birth to it’s manifestations. The meaning is harmonious – for this is the beginning of Spring…the sun has en kindled the Great Mother

I thought about my mother and how she is still with me all these years after her death. She is watching me on my journey. She had a Tarot reading when I was twelve that accurately predicted her divorce, her moving to another country and living by the ocean – Valencia, Spain and remarrying a foreigner and that her youngest child would be famous. That’s me. So I painted her watching my boat come in, along for the ride are my children and loved ones.

The Three of Wands means an enterprise that will end in success. It is a visionary card about manifesting our dreams beyond limitations. The figurehead boat signifies leading others, staying on course and move fearlessly into new areas. The blossoms communicate joy and the promise of fruit from our artistic endeavors.

Ace of Wands

This experience of painting the Tarot has become a gateway to realizing the connection between spirit and present moment. Never before have I felt so guided in my work, what is needed shows up. I was concerned that I was putting too much of my personal story into this deck. The Ace of Wands came to tell me that I am but a conduit for the universal archetypes to express themselves. Shortly before pulling the Ace of Wands as my next card to paint I joined a Tarot site and there was a picture of the Ace of Wands on their home page. These synchronicities that keep happening tell me I am doing my “great work” that the magical spark of life is directing me. I am gaining confidence as this project unfolds that I am a messenger of sorts. This card is here to tell you that by living your passion and being the true expression of who you are, you will succeed. It is the energy of the divine manifesting in matter through you.

The Chariot, King of Cups & Two of Swords too….

  4 comments for “Lisa De St. Croix’s Magical Tarot Paintings

  1. August 24, 2012 at 2:35 am

    Hello to all, it’s actually a fastidious for me to go to see this website, it consists of valuable Information.


  2. July 19, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Beautiful work! Looking forward to seeing more as the deck unfolds.


  3. mwsteele
    July 19, 2010 at 9:05 am

    Lisa, it was so fun to put your writing together with the pictures we took. To see your emotions and connections to the images is amazing. xoxxx M


  4. July 19, 2010 at 12:34 am

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog – I am excited to already be sharing my deck – only seven cards into it.


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