Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium in Santa Fe with Mary K. Greer and The Oracle of Initiation as a Cover Girl

Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium

Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 29, 30th and 31st 2010.

Attendance available in Santa Fe or Online!

Local Tarot Meet-Up hosts Carrie Paris, Margaret Letzkus and Robert Hahn have organized the first tarot symposium in the southwest and you are all invited!

The Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium (L E T S) Meetup site is now up and open for reservations. L E T S will be held October 29, 30, & 31, 2010 in our sweet community of Santa Fe as well as available to our global tarot tribe as an Online option.

L E T S is the first tarot conference in the southwest, and promises to deliver an exceptional divination ‘spirit’ over Samhain, Halloween, and Day of the Dead weekend. Our featured speaker will be Mary K. Greer who is a world-renowned authority on tarot and the author of numerous tarot books. Joining Mary via webcast will be Fern Mercier from New Zealand presenting her informative work on the Oracles of Ancient Greece & the Sybils.

Other presenters include Mellissae Lucia (Melissa Weiss Steele) of the Oracle of Initiation, Jordan Hoggard, author of The Mysterium Tarot, and many more.

L E T S activities will incorporate the timing of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with the tarot by giving focus to one of the most charged cards in the deck; the Death card. This will be presented through talks that feature ways in which we can transform and celebrate the meaning of life through the cards.

This event is the first of its kind to be streamed live through a video webcast platform allowing participants the choice of attending in person or on-line. This is truly a gathering of the global tarot tribe! The L E T S Meetup site will also offer continuing live stream video classes to L E T S members with exciting instructors from across the globe throughout the year.

As Santa Fe is know for its art, L E T S will also feature the Caliente Bazaar which will be filled with beautiful tarot related objects and more. Raffles for fabulous prizes will be held for both those present as well as online attendees. We hope you will grace us with your presence and the spirit of your fabulous cards!

All of this for only $100 for the entire weekend in person or $50 online attendance. This is an unbelievable deal, and a precious opportunity to expand your divinatory skills and connect with the global tarot community. Thanks again Carrie, Margaret and Robert for bringing us LETS and all of your enthusiasm, wisdom and joy for the magic of Tarot.

For Additional Information or to RSVP Please Visit –

A taste of some of the wonderful courses available in Santa Fe and Online as well…

Mary K. Greer

Cartomancers in Western Art from the 16th to Early 20th Centuries.

Presented by Mary K. Greer

Fern Mercier

Oracles, Sybils & Tricks of the Trade

Presented by Special Webcast Speaker 
Fern Mercier from New Zealand

Mellissae Lucia (Melissa Weiss Steele)

Dancing with Death 
through the Oracle of Initiation

Presented by Mellissae Lucia (Melissa Weiss Steele)

J. Jordan Haggard

Tarot in the Land of Mysterium: An Imagination Primer

Presented by Jordan Hoggard

Robert Hahn & Margaret Letkus

The Birthday of Eternity: A Reading on Death

Presented by Robert Hahn

Sacred Space in the Tarot

Presented by Margaret Letzkus

Carrie Paris & Mellissae Lucia (Melissa Weiss Steele)

Taking the Message Home:

Creating Sacred Space Mandalas with your Cards

Presented by Carrie Paris

Tarosophist Magazine 8th Anniversary

Oracle of Initiation Cover images

Three limited edition options!!!

Marcus Katz of Tarot Professionals, Tarot Town and Tarosophist Magazine chose three Oracle images as the covers for his eight-anniversary issue focusing on Tarot embodied and death in the cards. The three images are 11. Embarking; 15. Discovery; and 27. Gathering.

Tarot Professionals is a wonderful organization supporting the integrity of the psychic and divinatory profession. His newest venture Tarot Town is an Online international Tarot community offering the chance to meet wonderful like-minded individuals across the globe. Our tribes are no longer constricted to certain locations, we have the entire world to find our family now. You may order copies of the magazine either as a download or print copy through the Tarot Profesionas website under  “magazines” at Marcus is a wonderful champion for the expansion of Tarot and the divinatory arts. Thanks Marcus for all you do!

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