Oracle of Initiation cards on the land of their emergence

I took these images Sunday in Abiquiu where the “above ground” Painted Body ritualistic  photographs were taken for my Oracle of Initiation deck. The canyons, waterways and mesas of Northwestern New Mexico are my home. There is a calm, a beauty, a resonance for me in that place that rewires my nervous system whenever I visit.

Below I will share something I channeled after serendipitously finding what I call Rainbow Canyon. The piece below is also how I received my new name, Kwahu, from Maria Yraceburu. I had just moved to New Mexico and went to San Diego where Maria & Lynda Yraceburu were living at the time. Maria is one of my Teachers, and I felt it was time for a new name. Horse Dancer no longer resonated, the Horse Spirits had done their work of bringing me to the Southwest and now I was in a new phase. I asked Maria if she had any thoughts, and while reading the last paragraph of the piece below she dashed out of the room and came back with a card bearing the word Kwahu on it. It means “Eagle Prayer.” She said the calling forth the others is the visionary work of the Eagle Clan, and that was my destiny. Great honor and blessings to being seen and may I learn how to gracefully carry that calling. Love to the land, my Spirits, and transformation.

Ghost Ranch December 2007

I sat on top of the ridge looking down into the canyon below and cried. I cried because of how truly happy I am. I cried because it feels so good to be here, so right. This Technicolor climate with foreign topographies. A land I have not known in this lifetime, but am inexplicably drawn to. I would try to stop crying, but would begin again, a heaving sob of joy over learning how to be truly satisfied. Satisfied for yourself; satisfied through the land and adventure; satisfied because you were brave enough to make a new life and your body knows its real.

You are right where you are meant to be. No longer feeling left out or lonely, no longer seeing what is missing or lost, but holding onto what is honestly yours. Embracing the fullness of this time, and living the life you have always dreamed of living. Walking this pristine land alone, in silence, with the wind and sun and the birds.

A remembrance, a coming home to some part of yourself you never knew. Having come so far into yourself that no one, nothing, can turn you back now. You belong, wholly, completely. You are finally sovereign, unto yourself. You have done it, you belong to only you, and now you can truly share, because you are centered in your power.

And the Universe shall meet you from this place, and call your name, and ask you to come forth, offering what you have learned. And it will be glorious, ringing true to those who can hear the call, the call to an authentic life.

Welcome home, you have just arrived.

  2 comments for “Oracle of Initiation cards on the land of their emergence

  1. mwsteele
    September 18, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    thanks for tracking this fascinating journey….it’s such a gift to have a fresh perspective on things!! M


  2. September 15, 2010 at 4:27 am

    It is interesting to read about your experiences; especially from someone with no background.

    Thanks for continuing to share.


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