Completed EVENT: Albuquerque Tarot Meet-Up with The Oracle of Initiation

59. Expansion from The Oracle of Initiation deck by Mellissae Lucia

“This was by far the most inspirational meet-up ever! Mellissae, and the images of her Oracle of Initiation deck, evoke the deepest part of your psyche in layers that allow you to become one with your feelings. Her presentations have you hanging on every word and shaking your head in agreement as you come to realize THIS is your place in life. Thank you, Mellissae, Asher & Wisdom Moon for the insights presented on a power-filled afternoon!”

Gloria Vinskey, Albuqurque Tarot Meet-Up

“Fabulous! I never thought I might come across another deck and love the purity of it, as I do James Wanless’s Voyager. However, Spunky clear hearted and visionary Mellissae and her Oracle of Initiation deck have won me over.”

Early Gardner, Albuquerque Tarot Meet-up

We had a wonderful day divining with The Oracle of Initiation yesterday at the Albuquerque Tarot Meet-Up. I got see some familiar faces from LETS-Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium held last October in Santa Fe and some new friends as well. This was the last presentation I will be doing on the land of The Oracle’s emergence before I am off to the Ocean and Central America.

During the event we got to consult The Oracle’s wisdom about  what our true happiness is as a way to center and focus our intentions and dreams. We also examined what outdated stories we are carrying offers us access to our Rainbows in the Dark, the potential to reframe the initiations we have encountered to find our true power and gifts.  Thank you to Margaret & Robert for organizing the group, and Amy & Meekah for being fabulous Guardians while I offered my sacred work. life is good.

27. Gathering; 46. Reliance; 3 Instinct from The Oracle of Initiation

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