Completed EVENTS: Melissa Weiss Steele’s Oracle of Initiation Events in San Diego March 2011

Hello San Diego! I have returned from the desert and am back to share the gifts of New Mexico’s magical inspirations. I have 3 events here in San Diego the first week of March, and have limited spaces for soul purpose readings that week. Two of the events are at Controversial Bookstore and one is at Chris Brittian’s The Art of You Expressive Arts Studio.

I am thrilled to share my new understanding of my Oracle of Initiation deck with you through what I have learned writing the extended book to accompany the 88 limited edition copies. The book is due out in April before I am off to Central America on a Medicine Walk for 5 months. There a few copies left if you want one of these fierce sacred tools.

Sunday March 6th at  4pm Pacific time I will be interviewed on the influential Beyond Worlds Tarot Tribe radio show. It will be archived if you want to listen at a later date. My website also has a ton of juicy articles about my The Oracle deck, my ritualistic photography work, solo adventures and spiritual transformation and will soon have  new videos of the Painted Body work.

I look forward to supporting you shape-shift and redefine all of the intense turbulence we have been experience to claim our unique brilliance. E-mail me if you have any question, and come play with me and the startling Painted Body Spirit Beings in the deck at any of these events.

Art & The Oracle- Explore Creative Shape-Shifting with Melissa Weiss Steele & The Oracle of Initiation.

Tuesday March 1st, 2011 6-9pm  $50. All supplies included

Come explore the powerful insights available through using art, imagination and divination. We will be working with the Painted Body ritualistic photography images within Melissa’s original Oracle of Initiation deck to creatively dance with the many energies, inspirations and potentials we each carry when we access the full range of our fierce, shape-shifting abilities.

@ The Art of You Expressive Arts Studio

3060 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

Shape-Shift your Destiny in 2011 with The Oracle of Initiation

1.Introductory Lecture Thursday March 3rd 7-9pm $25.

2.Workshop Saturday March 5th 1-5pm $60.

@ Controversial Bookstore

3063 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

We each have the powerful ability to choose how we respond to these challenging times. Turbulence becomes a gift when we learn how to navigate and harness the fierce and fluid transformational energies currently available.  The Oracle of Initiation divination deck by Mellissae Lucia (Melissa Weiss Steele) is a magical and inspiring tool, illuminating the dynamic opportunities available through shape-shifting your own shadows and complexities.

Learn how The Oracle can reveal where you are currently at in your own process of awakening; how to redefine previous struggles as the keys to your unique offerings; and where to focus your passions to bring forth these precious gifts to the collective.

Beyond Worlds-Your Tarot Tribe Radio Show

hosted by Donnaleigh de LaRose

Sunday March 6th 2011 7pm Eastern 4pm Pacific

Mellissae will be interviewed about the creation of The Oracle if Initiation deck and share how to use this visionary new tool over the air. Host Donaleigh was inspired to created a video about using the Oracle of Initiation:


On an Adventure!


Mellissae Lucia will be leaving the country for 5 months in April 2011 on a personal Medicine Walk. Limited edition decks will still be available {until sold out}, and a selection of certain fine art prints. She will be scheduling readings and Spiritual Initiation Counseling work when she returns in September 2011. There may be a delay in answering inquiries depending on her internet access. When Spirit calls, we may not answer e-mails!


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