Faux Banksy as Master Manifestation in Oceanside, California

Lets talk about manifestation, magic and graffiti. Now that’s a good set of topics! When I was staying in Oceanside, California I was woven into a really illuminating story of how grand and mysterious the universe is when it comes to manifestation. Through hearing the background of what was wished for two days before the faux Banksy graffiti appeared,  I wove together this amazing story of the power of intention to manifest blessings beyond what our human minds can have conceived of.

I am not using specific names to respect the privacy of the people involved, but the message still comes across.

Two days before the faux Banksy graffiti materialized, one of the owners of the shop Quiver Board Works and Bull Taco in Oceanside was speaking to a confidant about wanting to energize the business in a new way. On the day of the graffiti tagging the owner received a call that the building had been vandalized. The caller said they would be painting over the offense quickly. Just as this was all transpiring the owner saw on his i-phone a TMZ TV show report saying the artwork was done by British graffiti artist Banksy.

This is a BIG DEAL.

Background on Banksy. He is one of the best known graffiti artists in the world, and his real identity is a mystery. Last year a “documentary” on him was nominated for an academy award called Exit Through the Gift Shop. His work is so clever, intelligent, skillful and subversive that it carries a very distinct and recognizable signature. He has managed to achieve a level of fame while still retaining his street credibility and the world not knowing his true identity. I have added some of his images below.

As for master manifestation, for such a respected international icon to be associated with any business is a marketing coup. This is the sort of press that can’t be bought. And it was on a hip surf shop, the water’s equivalent of skateboarding/punk/hip hop/self-defined creative cool culture.

The owner of Quiver Board Works could not have orchestrated a more appropriate or cool marketing idea. The power of this story, even if it turns out that the image was not actually done by Banksy is THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER. They still got the press, and it energized the business and the local arts community. It blasted open Oceanside to the entire network of creative mavericks across the world. This is master manifestation at its best, putting out there what you want, and allowing the universe to deliver it in magical and mysterious ways BEYOND WHAT YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!

So remember this next time you are holding space for a dream, the blessings may come in wildly fabulous ways you could never have imagined.

Below are some images of the graffiti with my beloved Lisa and Alee.

a "real" Banksy



  2 comments for “Faux Banksy as Master Manifestation in Oceanside, California

  1. Beegee
    March 28, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I love that story…there is magic in the world.


  2. March 28, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    Yes, loved this post. The writing, the photos….mmm. Thank you for this mid morning charge as I pack my things for one of those manifested happenings-a new house beyond my dreams, but I was open to it. Thank you all that conspires for more beauty and awareness in my life.
    Thank you Melissa, a great reminder and inspiring for my art.


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