Holga, Oktomat, and disposable camera CRAZEEEE

A new era in my photography play for Melissa Weiss Steele. FILM! Eight eyed camera, Holga with multiple exposures, disposable cameras with fabulous  fortunes and travel postcard imagery printed on the film. Life is so good. I am taking 50 rolls of film to Central America. Look out Latin Catholics on Technicolor acid during Easter in Antigua, Guatemala. cool.

Oracle of Initiation card "Reliance" card in the Guadalupe Canyon
Melissa Weiss Steele-Oracle of Initiation card "Listening" in the Guadalupe Canyon, Mexico
Highway 10 Ellensburg
Fabulous Tracey & Adam in Guadalupe Canyon
Photography buddy Jak Wonderly
Highway 10 water viaduct-the location of my early Earthen Body series images
Jak with his medium format camera superimposed..cool
My super cute sister
Gabriel on the way to Guadalupe Canyon
Highway 10
Highway 10
Highway 10
highway 10 Holga multiple exposure fun
Jak Wonderly
Oktomat 8 eyed camera at the Split Pea Andersons

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