I am 9 years old Today in Costa Rica with an earthquake

What a week. I am in Costa Rica with torrential rains, thunder and lightening and a half an hour ago we had a 6.0 earthqauke. This week has been a major initiation, getting a rugged head cold, not seeing the sun for 6 days and then the fiascos with trying to phone home.

And that said, today is a really precious day, it is when my new life began. Nine years ago at about exactly the time the earthquake hit my beloved husband Christopher went home to the other side. It has been a wild journey over the last nine years, and I have become less certain and more clear.

Today I honor the complexity of life, of my initiatory path, and thank the angels for bringing me such a beautiful way to learn about love,  loss and resurrection. Because I am still pretty punchy from being sick, I am going to elaborate on the beauty of Christopher another day. I am learning to slow down and let go here in a country where no one power walks.

One Reply to “I am 9 years old Today in Costa Rica with an earthquake”

  1. And, sans power-walking people, I smile that you have brought yourself to walk in your own power,
    wherever you go, simply, now, there.
    You walk with your not-knowing, and it brings you clarity.
    The verses of a year. Anniverses?

    May you continue to courageously live where no-one has before. In and with You.
    May your couraged, admired, continually rebirth, even out of head-colds.

    May the mundane action of your mundane walk
    in the South, in descent,
    play for you chords that though they may never strike
    always resonate, are always resonant.

    I smile from the Land Up North
    at your journey
    at your process.

    May your forever memories be uplifting.
    May forever always cascade to wonderfully fulfill your present. . .

    in the Class 5’s of your intensity,
    in the 5.14 climbs of your vision expressed naturally regardless of protection. . . .
    may you . . .

    Be well Melissa.
    Be well Melissae always playing plural connections.

    Soup is good.
    Roasted pepper tomato basil soup is better.

    Keep distinguishing yourself as you naturally are.
    Know your soup of life is savored.
    And, when I die, the savor may or may not be more or less
    than present.

    Here’s to your courageous and prescient presence where. . .
    What has has always been.
    What is has always been.
    And, what will be has always been. . . as you continually enliven places with being.

    Cheers to mindbodybeautiful being. Cheers to You!

    Jupiter’s Blessings,


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