Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay and my NEW Name

The documentary film by MK Barr about the artist Mellissae Lucia {Melissa Weiss Steele}

This is so exciting, a NEW blog! My initial blog was a big commitment and surprising joy, and I met its call for a couple of years. In the last nine months I have left New Mexico, written my first book, The Oracle of Initiation-Rainbows in the Dark, and traveled to Central America. I am now residing in the place of my birth for the summer, the verdant Pacific northwest.

I want to tell you about my name change and the glorious new project I am a creative consultant on.


Name changes are a very sacred thing. This is one of the initiations that is cross-cultural, the recognition of the importance of our naming. I have carried many names in this lifetime, Melissa Ann Weiss, Melissa Weiss Steele, Horse Dancer, Kwahu, Lucia, Lovie, Mcakes, Balissa, SaSa, Missy, Child, Miss Mouse, one of the Fearsome Threesome, Nikki, MelissaBee, Abeja. These all have spoken to me at different times, some given by others,  a few self chosen.

Now is a new era, I am no longer my husbands wife, no longer only my father’s daughter. I give great love and respect to my lineages, and it is time to be my juicy full womanly exuberant sovereign self.

Mellissae Lucia is my new name.

Beatrex Quntanna, the Astrologer and Spiritual Psychic in San Diego practices Tibetan Numerology, and part of that system is to carry a name that opens the characteristics and potentials you wish to embrace. Before I left for Central America beloved Beatrex helped me settle on this new moniker. It has been a process to own it, to anchor it in, and last week it was time.

Mellissae Lucia speaks to the multidimensional magic, the Bee Goddesses,the carrier of light that I am stepping into. Mellissae is my own spelling of the ancient bee priestesses, the oracles and ecstatic mystics that carry the energy of the honey and the hive, the sacrifice and the succor, riding the rainbow lines of the infinite webs of existence. They are travelers between the worlds, depositing the pollen of the gods into our own hearts to activate the creative principle in us all. Yes, the name is plural, as we are all plural, all pluralistic, all holographic, made up of many different lineages, cultures, and lifetimes. I learned during my Painted Body photography series that we are all truly multidimensional. We are all unique, and of the whole, holy. Portions of the greater universe, often caught in the illusion of one existence. So yes, my new name is plural, and it feels true.

Lucia speaks to my love of light. I am a Leo, a Sun Goddess, a blond, bright lioness of illumination. I am here to share this light, and also to bask in YOUR brilliant emanations as well. We are all light at our core, and we are in the process of expanding that essence to transform the world. I am doing my part, and Mellissae Lucia allows me to embody my radiance.

Visionary New Film

I will just speak briefly at this time about the incredible process friend and fellow artist MK Barr and I have embarked on. Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay is the documentary MK is creating about the metamorphosis I underwent in the New Mexico desert. Here is the short promo video for the film:

This project is a gift and blessing beyond belief. To be able to collaborate with a beloved and trusted friend on a project that will allow us both to shine our own creativity brighter is incredible. I will give you more of the back story and the fascinating dreams,  animals signs and overall ease of the unfolding project in future posts.

We just launched yesterday our 20 day Kickstarter funding drive: 

Consider supporting the world you desire through helping artist share their inspiring visions with the wider world. We are in turbulent and changing times,  and we all need new visions of what is possible. How do we reclaim the magic, reverence and joy of a life lived in balance? We hope the movie will shed its own little ray of light onto those essential questions.

I am thrilled you are here on this journey with me, and I will share over time the inner and outer adventures that Mellissae Lucia encounters.

Mellissae Lucia in Plaza Blanca, Abiquiu, New Mexico with image 43. Reclaim from the Oracle of Initiation divination deck 

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