Back HOME to New Mexico to film for Painted in the Desert-A Travel Essay

Red Rio Grande LOVE

I have not been home to the southwest in six months. New Mexico is one of the most enchanting places I have ever been; I fell in love with the land three years ago, and have not been gone for more than a month since that time. I tend to start sobbing and shaking when I pass over the state line, a rather fascinating phenomena since governmental boundaries are so arbitrary. Maybe over time there does become a force-field to locations created by the inhabitants and the place itself. I remember flying over Arizona as I returned to New Mexico and having the same reaction, like the pull of the beloved, the love of your life who you are returning to after a very long quest.

I am returning after time spent in San Diego, Mexico, Central America, Seattle and now a homecoming to film the documentary MK Barr is creating about the initiatory journey I have undergone over the last nine years. 

The collaborative aspects of the project have been so incredible. I have been praying for some time to have really juicy projects with other humans, and this is really the first time it has happened at the level I desire. I say to myself when I am headed into an intense time with my work that I am getting on a rollercoaster. Be it a big push to finish a project or traveling and teaching, I have to prepare myself energetically to be out of my normal rhythms and meet the level of exertion the process demands. This is the first time I have a longer-term peer and ally along on the wild ride of my artistic processes. Send us love and support as we journey forth into a very wild, fierce and unpredictable landscape to film the culmination of this journey into my true self, returning home to the land that welcomed and transformed me.

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