New Mexico return to the graffiti tunnels of my heart

You have NO IDEA how happy I am to be back in New Mexico. It truly is one of the places of my heart, and I am glowing from the return home. There is something about the vastness of the sky and the pinion baking on the earth that satisfies me like no other place.

Its such a good day when we have mud, rivers and graffiti in New Mexico

MK and I are having a BLAST filming the Painted in the Desert movie. We went to the three graffiti tunnel locations around Santa Fe that I created the underworld Painted Body ritualistic photography series in. I had never taken anyone to two of them, and it was a sweet return.

Santa Fe tribe divining with Mellissae’s  Oracle of Initiation deck

Later we convened with the local tribe to divine with my Oracle of Initiation deck and discuss art, transformation and magic. Today we are off to one of my absolutely favorite places on earth, Abiquiu. The artist Georgia O’Keeffe lived there for the last half of her life, exploring the arroyos and mesas of that Technicolor landscape as I do now.



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