New Mexico Initiations while filming Painted in the Desert

How will this weave into the story?

MK and I had a whirlwind filming tour of New Mexico last week. The energy here is very, very intense, and during our time in Abiquiu I was initiated back into this land I love with a cleansing experience. When I first considered moving to New Mexico, EVERY SINGLE PERSON I spoke to told the same anecdote about living here. They all said in their own way that this place has a very powerful essence and that it will chew you up when you first arrive, and then it will decide if it spits you back out or keeps you. And if it does keep you, you can never truly leave. Very Hotel California.

Abiquiu, New Mexico

The ecosystem is also a very potent place, with the heat, altitude and dryness challenging to someone raised at moist sea level. Each time I return after leaving for more than a few days I have to reacclimatize. They say it takes six weeks to reproduce more red blood cells to carry the extra oxygen you need at this altitude. For the first few weeks to a month, I am usually wiped out. And, even with the recalibration I am in my happy place.

Another interesting aspect of MK and my filming trip was our truck. It had Louisiana license plated, and I sense there is some synchronicity or connection that will emerge from that place.

Janet Elk & Mellissae

This week I have been revitalizing with my the sister of my heart, Janet Elk. She is also the graphics person creating the gorgeous Oracle of Initiation-Rainbows in the Dark book that will be available soon. One of the interesting things that both Janet and I are going through is that we truly have moved into being very different people, and we are both exploring how the “new” us flows through the world. Janet has moved here to New Mexico from the west coast, and I have taken on a new name. Bot of these external and internal shifts offers an expanded sense of self, the opportunity to tell our stories in a unique and freeing way. We do not have to carry the old baggage forth, we can head into a season of joy, a season of wildness, a season of creativity that may have been suppressed in the old environment.

Janet with the Rio Grande

We went shopping at the Albuquerque thrift stores and both of us questioned what the new us may want to wear. As I put on a classic “go-to” item, I clearly saw it was not the new me. Janet and I are both on a path of discovery, questioning all of the old wishes and passions that we have carried for years, asking, “do I really want to go to Tibet {put your own historic desire in here} now?” Ask yourself if you are in the place of becoming a new you, and what might that fresh essence want?

Lovin’ the earth

Tomorrow I head back up to Abiquiu, the home of my heart, and meet with the land I love.

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