Leaving New Mexico for a spell

Rio Chama

Today I leave my beloved New Mexico to soak in the ocean ions for the winter. I will miss her vast and haunting lands, and there are times we are to leave the beloved to return with new adventures and riches to share with her. MK has begun editing the Painted in the Desert film, and I look forward to showing her my own camera work for the project I took the last week in Abiquiu.

I send love to all the friends I caught up with, and to the others I will catch on the next round.

Jude Alexander's The Tarot Game

I shall dream of the cottonwoods along the Rio Chama, the aspens twinkling in the wind, and the lightening that punctuates the smokey black skies. It is a good thing to find a place you are profoundly in love with.

Until next time beloved New Mexico,

Mille Grazie for all the blessings,

devotedly yours,

Mellissae Lucia

Cottonwood Elder spirit

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