80s Seattle Music Scene-avoiding the term “Grunge”

Charles Peterson photograph of Mellissae Lucia, Angela R. Smith & Stone Gossard of Green River at the Ditto Tavern. Seattle, WA 1985.

It’s good to have friends for almost thirty years. You don’t have to explain all of your family dysfunctions to them, they have seen you at your best and worst, and if they are still around there must be some real love.

My beloved partner in crime Angela and I had a full day reminiscing on our time in the Seattle music scene in the 1980s for the movie Painted in the Desert by MK Barr. The film explores the evolution I  underwent after a great loss, ending up in New Mexico doing painted body photography on the land. Part of the story is the rebellious and subversive years spent in the clubs and bars of Seattle’s own musical metamorphosis.

Angela and I spent a couple of hours breakin’ down our perspective on why Grunge emerged here in the mossy Northwest Spore Cave, what it was like to be females in that male dominated world, how we snuck into bars at fourteen years old to see the shows, what a broad cultural and musical range all of the people we met through the scene had, how un-sexy it all actually was, and why the word Grunge makes us cringe. It was a blast.

After sharing our seasoned view on the bands and culture of that era we rolled down to Belltown to see the Pearl Jam movie that Cameron Crowe created.  http://www.rollingstone.com/videos/new-and-hot/pearl-jam-first-trailer-for-pearl-jam-twenty-20110726 It was a wonderful mix of old footage of Andy Wood from Malfunkshun, Chris Cornell from Sound Garden and seriously grainy images of Seattle from 1984. Pearl Jam is a really honorable and talented group of guys, and the movie showed an unvarnished view of their struggles and triumphs.  After that fun we had to do our old stand-by, photo booth pictures. We are well-practiced in hammin’ it up in those little magical boxes, we have been doing it together for almost three decades. I must warn the old skool folks though, they take credit cards now, BE CAREFUL, don’t go into debt. I am so grateful I did not have credit cards back when I was a wee one taking all of the images, I could have been in serious trouble.

The only thing now to round out the Seattle scene trifecta is to finally see the Andrew Wood film that has been delayed for years. http://www.malfunkshun.com/  I guess the rights to the footage and music has been a challenge, and we will patiently wait for Amazon to deliver the Glam Rock magic of that genius star child who left us all too soon. Chris Cornell said in the Pearl Jam movie that the Seattle scene actually died the day Andy Wood did, not when Nevermind by Nirvana was released, and not when Kurt Cobain took his own life. Agreed.

Mellissae & Angela before giving our sassy perspective on the early Seattle “grunge” scene. Would these Cherubs lie?
Photo Booth mayhem in Belltown after seeing the rockin’ Pearl Jam movie at the Cinerama.
prayers with punk attitude
has Mellissae become that grouchy old man who says s*@#???
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