Image Highlights from the Painted in the Desert filming

Beloved Bob Carlson with his wall of great thinkers

First promo video for the movie, boy has the project grown since this!!

Sonja Blomdahl with her luminous glass vessels behind her 
Father Dick Weiss with daughter Mellissae Lucia in front of his Marine Sciences commission at the University of Washington

Blog for the film:

Angela R Smith and Mellissae in their favorite local- a photo booth machine
Cousin Leela and Mellissae in bee masks at their home away from home- the photo booth!!
Dick Marquis with his stash of vintage chemicals from his pile of old skool science kits
Johanna Nitzke Marquis with the wedding gift Dick Weiss made for she and her Dick-so punk
Connie and Charlie Parriott in their magical rustic retreat in a weathered barn
Full Circle gallery artists communing about the beauty of collaboration
Mellissae Lucia beside herself with joy in the Santa Fe graffiti tunnels where all the magic happens

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