The Owl House: Why I love exploring abandoned buildings

the abandoned Owl House

I love finding new abandoned spaces to explore. There is a thrill, a heightened awareness that comes with just the right level of dangerousness  for my intensity meter. I have been exploring deserted places since I was a kid, my wacky wonderful parents were rebellious young  baby boomers who were not going to be stifled by the fact that a baby girl decided she was going to be part of the party.

Today in the Kittitas Valley in Eastern Washington I was gifted with an outrageosuly cool abandoned house. It takes some bravery to stroll into these decrepit spaces, you never know who, or what might be in there.

Some of the shots get very painterly and abstract. Like an energetic signature.

These next 2 paragraphs are from one of my all-time favorite blog posts when I lived in New Mexico called “Trespassing, Holy Dirt, and Baby Jesus’ Shoes.”’-shoes/

When I was traveling around the American West visiting horse people, I had an amazing trespassing experience in the old mining town of Wallace, ID. I found an old Victorian home that looked as if it had not been occupied since the 1940’s or 50’s. The peeling wallpapers and layers of paint patinas were glorious. When I went upstairs, the back bedroom was completely intact. It was so eerie, I could feel the old woman who lived there. You have to be careful about what has taken up residence in these deserted places. You are entering a sacred temple, and the lives of the past occupants are still present. It serves you to be quiet, respectful and alert.

Part of the reason I go into these deserted places is because they are portals. They are crossroads; liminal spaces where the divine and the mundane meet; truly alternate realities. There are potent forces that gather where the heavens and earth merge, and what might you create there? New Mexico itself is one big magical multi-cultural land of enchantment and mystery.  It has revealed itself to me on occasion.

So back to Ellensburg today, as I entered, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS ON THE PLANET greeted me as it flew out the large opening on one side of the house, a BARN OWL!! I am owl crazy. period. They do it for me, and in this abandoned roost that I now call Owl House there were more owl pellets {the regurgitation of the inedible parts of their fully devoured prey} than I have ever seen anywhere. It added such a cool element to this trashed environment, with half its roof missing.

Oh the magic of old wallpaper.

A cool mix of pictures came forth with my now favorite Hipstamatic app on my iPhone and their other product the Incredibooth that takes photo booth type strips of pictures. It’s the best 4 bucks I have spent in a long time. So all these images are from this sublime decaying building that was just sitting there in the middle of a field waiting for me to love it.

Pull Tabs RULE!

And sorry to the 2 barn owls who had to circle and hide in the irrigation ditch this afternoon while I rooted around. I will make it up to you, promise!!

OK, so my inner mama bear is coming out, if you do go into these places be VERY CAREFUL, they are disintegrating, the floor may give. Be mindful. Good-and eat your Wheaties too!

Multi-sensory awareness captured on film.

Exit through the gift shop? Surprisingly there was very little graffiti here. Maybe Ellensburg youth have other artistic outlets!

"Oh Mystic Wheelbarrow, fly me to my destiny in the stars!"

  1 comment for “The Owl House: Why I love exploring abandoned buildings

  1. I.v.p.
    February 3, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Love The pictures of abandoned house: so poeticly abstact and yet so real ! You captured The magic and The mistery!!!! Beautifull 🙂


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