The Oracle of Initiation book is here! With an excerpt from Persephone and a Special OFFER

OH JOY! It has been an epic journey, but the Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark book is finally available! I want to thank all of the Guardians and Allies who guided this incredible journey, seen and unseen, including Janet Elk, graphics goddess and Lunaea Weatherstone, editing maven for their tireless dedication to the projects emergence.

I am thrilled with how it turned out, it is 400 magical, juicy, potent pages of initiatory wisdom and guidance. The release of the book is also on a very auspicious day, today is the sixth anniversary of the Oracles beginning. To read more about that amazing story go to my vintage blog post, “Energetic Sparkles Surging Down My Chakras-How I knew I was Called to Create The Oracle of Initiation” at the link below:


We are in deeply transformative, and turbulent times. We are each being invited to release what no longer serves us and unleash the power and brilliance that is our natural essence. Initiation’s potential for creating change is the invitation into your sovereignty. It is time again to offer the deep and potent wisdom of the Oracle deck’s intuitive voice  to ride these waves of awakening we are all surfing.

36. Trust with Guardian Freya

The special, juicy, yummy offer is for the cost of a one hour divination reading, {$125} YOU will get a signed copy of the Oracle book for FREE!!  Experience the direct, individual, fierce, compassionate voice of the Oracle cards through Mellissae Lucia, with current guidance on navigating your own challenges and opportunities, AND you will also have ongoing access to the wisdom of the text’s enlightening and penetrating power for FREE!!! That is a $36.00 savings!!!! {please add $13.00 shipping outside of the USA}. This offer will only be available for a short period of time, and is not on the Oracle website,  so e-mail me if you are ready to meet your destiny:

3. Instinct with Guardian Athena

You can also order a book at this link through Blurb, and although the book is a companion text to the Oracle of Initiation divination cards, it is also a valuable resource on its own for navigating the fierce and fluid initiatory energies currently available to claim your own authentic brilliance. See a fuller description of the books offerings at the end of the Blog.

11. Embarking with Guardian Eshu

Divination Reading Testimonials

 “The reading with Mellissae moved so much energy and clarified so much that I could hardly be still! And so I started seeking more clients in my private practice, said no to the things that were not working, created space and the clients came!

I believe that everyone who is open to change, curious or lost should experience at least one reading with Mellissae in their lifetime!… Her accuracy is exquisite and surprising, but a comfort at the same time!”

Lisa Scott-Wilkie San Diego, CA 

“Mellissae has an important gift to share with the world, so listen up and get ready to be blown away! …Only get a reading from her if you dare. Once the transformation begins, there’s no going backwards.”

Jennifer Masters, Shamanic Priestess  San Diego, CA

“It didn’t matter that Mellissae and I had never met, nor that we were doing a reading for my birthday over the phone.  It was a deeply intuitive and insightful reading that answered my questions, even though I never got them asked, and addressed the issues that have been so troublesome, even though I hadn’t told her about them.”

Jeanne Raines Fort Wayne, IN 

37. Subtlety with Guardian Corn Maiden

A message from one of the Guardians in the Oracle book

One of the most surprising parts of writing the Oracle book, other than the wonderful additions of the 22 contributors, was a new angle appeared to the project four and a half years into it. Archetypal, ancient, cross-cultural deities  revealed themselves for each of the 56 Painted Body images in the deck and gave a channeled message about navigating that aspect of initiation. To say this is satisfying in no way touches the joy and excitement at having this fascinating dimension to the Oracle emerge. The Goddesses and Gods range from Norse, to African, to Native American, to Asian Pacific Islander, to Celtic, to Greco-Roman, to Mesoamerican.  As a gift below I offer the wisdom of the powerful maiden lover Persephone for your enjoyment. I want to thank Lyric Kali, Coleen Renee and Reverend Judith Laxer for all offering me a deep and ancient perspective on Persephone’s conscious quest for integration, not merely her feminine victimization.

31. Knowing with the Guardian Persephone


Persephone is the Greek goddess of the underworld whose

passionate affair with Hades initiated her into her

sovereignty. The most ancient of her myths say she was not

helplessly abducted, but a woman who chose to embrace the

seductive depths of Hades’ underworld sanctuary. The fire

and passion the two lovers create during her subterranean

sojourn is the catalyst that ignites the reemergence of life

after the winter retreat. Choosing to follow her lover to his

underground home, she separated from her mother,

Demeter, becoming her own person. Yet she returns to her

mother for half of the year, remaining connected to both.

Persephone has integrated her maiden aspect, Kore, with the

wild sensuality of a mature queen. It is time to fearlessly step

into a new level of conscious knowing that with each choice

toward independence, there are sacrifices and exchanges.

Persephone speaks:

The underworld is my temple; it is my sensual, tactile engagement

with all that is above and below, without and within; the sanctuary of

my impassioned meeting with the depths of my lover’s embraces. 

I understand the complexities of wild cravings, the decisions made

from passionate abandon. I am no one’s victim or concubine. 

I am sovereign, clear, the one who chose to eat those pomegranate

seeds. Do not underestimate the fierce power of a maiden’s desires.

I wished to become queen of the underworld, the vessel between the

realms, ascending the stairway between light and dark, the only place

I am unaccompanied. I own the depths of my existence—

can you say the same for yourself? 

all images and text copyright Melissa Weiss Steele 2012

42. Conviction with Guardian Sehkmet

Oracle Book Synopsis

The compelling new book, Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark, by visionary artist and adventurer Mellissae Lucia shares the startling metamorphosis of the author in the wilds of the desert southwest. The powerful story reveals how she courageously claimed her creative sovereignty on the New Mexico earth after a great personal loss. Descending into subterranean graffiti tunnels shooting her Painted Body ritualistic photography series, Mellissae found her instinctive freedom through her Rainbows in the Dark-the paradox of our unique gifts hidden in our shadows.

The book operates both as a companion text to her currently available Oracle of Initiation divination cards, and as a valuable resource on its own for navigating the fierce and fluid initiatory energies currently available to claim your own authentic brilliance.

Black and white reproductions of the entire deck with 56 images from the Painted Body series are within, as well as original messages spoken from cross-cultural deities on how to embrace your own sacred gifts through the tempering fires of initiatory awakening. The book also offers insights into using Medicine Walks as pathways to embracing change, unique readings for each of the 8 Realms with the deck, a thorough list of noteworthy resources from other accomplished visionaries to support your spiritual emergence, and contributions for each of the Painted Body images from 22 cutting-edge metaphysical innovators including Mary K Greer and Luisah Teish. See the documentary film Painted in the Desert by MK Barr about Mellissae’s incredible journey summer 2012. To order the accompanying divination deck in full color, go to:

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