Altars for Easter

I LOVE altars. Making visual representation of sacred, beautiful, meaningful things in ones life is so divine. We all do it, even if we don’t think we do. Family photos, pictures of the Ancestors, sports trophies, art from the children on the refrigerator, these are all physical, tangible offerings of what we deem note and praise worthy.  These are some of my own altars, as well as offerings from my family and friends. This is girls gone wild Altar stylee.

Enjoy and happy resurrection.

Santo Nino- AKA Eshu/Ellegua with a Kachina and Runes

This cave moans in the winter. An altar to the deep, secret wisdom of the inner earth.

My Oracle of Initiation divination cards fitting right in at Chimayo in New Mexico.

Dios de los muertos in Terlingua, far south Texas

LETS-Land of Enchantment Tarot Symposium altar. nice.

In Guad we trust.

Carrie Paris's Tarot mandala with the Oracle of Initiation deck

Italians do it better.

Catholics do the altars well. Very, very well.

Black Madonna from Einsiedeln, Switzerland with the Oracle of Initiation card 47. Centered

One of my fathers altars in his artist studio-although he would not call them that, maybe combines like Rauschenberg?

Altar accouterments with Ang while holy shopping at Chimayo, NM {see image below to understand the hierarchy of reverent priorities in New Mexico}

Oh YAH! God and Chiles. Thats how we roll in New Mexico.

Irony as a way of life. Pop art until we die. YAH baby!

I found the Virgen of the Dolphins JUST LIKE THIS {I added the skull} during my Debris series on the land in New Mexico. She has her heart Chakra blown open, with a leaping dolphins figurine wedged in her heart cavity. Damn life is cool.

Dance for the Altars, DANCE!!

Self-as-altar-alter. "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me." Wish I could get the Jesus and mary earrings in the picture. Happy day, we must sacredly adorn ourself for the Christ consciousness awakened-God Bless the WHOLE world, no exceptions.

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