Ancestral Scandinavian shamanic healers the Noaidi speak through the NEW Oracle of Initiation book

48. Sovereign

What an astonishing couple of weeks it has been. The Oracle of Initiation deck is finally finished, six years after its inception with the book’s completion, and MK Barr’s film Painted in the Desert about the underworld journey and resurrection I underwent to create the deck had its first public showing Monday night. Two beautiful babies released into the world within weeks. Now that’s cool.

One of the ten thousand things I learned over the course of this visionary quest into death and rebirth is that our creative creations are never really ours. Continuing with the birthing analogy, we really are stewards of our children and projects, not owners. We manifest them, giving them our perspectives and lineage, but ultimately they have their own destiny.

Art in any form is an offering that is fulfilled when the receiver has their OWN experience with the work. As a toddler will amble away from us to absorb their own knowledge of the senate world, we to must watch our sacred gifts have their own fate; allow them their own rambling journeys. So with both the Oracle deck and movie, Ta-Da, here they are world, and we shall watch like a doting parents at what miraculous lessons, challenges and triumphs they shall have, releasing our attachments.

So I am off to my parents who are still learning how to let their children go encounter group, enjoy another installment from one of the Norse Guardians in the newly available Oracle of Initiation book.

And there are ONLY 2 decks left in the premier limited edition, get yours with the book before they are gone at: 

48. Sovereign

Guardian Noaidi

The Sámi are the indigenous Scandinavian people

inhabiting northern Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The name

for their shamanic healers is Noaidi. These hearty arctic tribes

were some of the last Europeans to retain their shamanic

traditions in the face of Christianization. The Noaidi created

beautiful runebomme, drums covered with detailed maps of

the spirit worlds where they traveled, called saivo. The

reindeer was one of their supreme spirit helpers, and the

most skilled Noaidi had reindeer bucks as their spirit guides.

The women healers were also powerful oracles, performing

a practice called seidr. The female volva, the oracle, would sit

cloaked on a high seat holding her sacred staff. She would be

surrounded by singers in each direction whose ecstatic seidr

songs transported her to saivo, the world between the worlds,

from which she returned with prophecies and guidance for

the clan.

The ancestral Noaidi speak:

We are the ancient ancestors of the great white north. We represent

the northern portion of the web of existence connecting all 

indigenous peoples. We are the glowing wisdom of the aurora 

borealis, the northern rainbow sky bridge. We are gleaming beacons

within the bare, silent expanse of the tundra of dreams. We know the

landscapes of life and death, and our drums are alive. Reclaim the

honor and dignity of each of your heritages. We each carry a piece of

the wisdom, an element of the myths, a portion of the earth reverence

that is to be reborn. Know your ancestors, honor the dead, find your

own magic and power to carry forth for the generations to come.

All images and text copyright Mellissae Lucia 2012

from the book: Oracle of Initiation: Rainbows in the Dark.


  2 comments for “Ancestral Scandinavian shamanic healers the Noaidi speak through the NEW Oracle of Initiation book

  1. April 27, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    I am so looking forward to seeing both the book and the movie. Congratulations on the birth of your twins.


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