“Rainbows in the Dark” excerpts from the Oracle of Initiation book

20. Revealing

We are living in very intense times. When the breakdown of one paradigm shakes us into the next, it’s a time to hold onto you hats. Like homeopathy, the imbalanced symptoms become amplified before they subside. One of the core themes of the Oracle of Initiation journey is claiming your own Rainbows in the Dark. This work, this celebration of our shadowed and disenfranchised portions is essential to our true integration. So read on and contemplate what you may be stuffing in the proverbial basement of your psyche and go take a peak at what gleaming gifts it may offer when seen in new light.

Rainbows in the Dark

Rainbows in the dark are the radiant beauty of the

mysteries buried within you. They are hidden in the depths

of your psyche, your talents and gifts you have splintered off

and disavowed. They are the paradox of your greatest gifts

emerging from your deepest struggles. They are best

approached through reverent curiosity, as they can be elusive

and mysterious, illogical and profound. As you apprentice to

the seductive intelligence of these precious treasures, you

will begin to untangle where your shadows meet your

greatest offerings.

The dark embodies the deeper layers of our consciousness

that are not linear and logical, but fluid labyrinths of shifting

emotions, sensation, and impulses. The dark is remote and

mystifying like the dreamtime. It has its own dialect, its own

secret codes of conduct. It serves you well to gather a team

of guardians and guides to lead you through the catacombs

of your being. The Oracle of Initiation is that seasoned navigator,

emerging from the darkness to help you reclaim your own

multicolored enlightenment.

Reclaiming my Queen

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all images and text copyright 2012 Mellissae Lucia

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