Today I am 10 years Old

Today is a day for celebration, I am ten years old! My destiny spun in a completely different direction exactly a decade ago. It will take me the rest of my life to integrate and utilize all of the gifts, blessings and support I have received during this shattering process; I have learned that more light does shine through these sacred initiatory crevices. And blessings to ALL the mothers today, however your creations/children/offerings come through. And an especially big hug to Christopher’s mother Roberta, more to follow.

So in light of this major threshold, I want to broadly thank many of the alliances that have sculpted me into my sweet sovereignty.

The beloved horses and their radical tenderness; the western United States with its wide open spaces and earthen mavericks; photography’s infectious joy; my Volvo, the steel{e} chariot that glides over the open highways of my adventures; bees of infinity; the Spirits of the southwest who claimed me years before I realized it; the lineage of sacred beauty that I inherited through my parents obsession with art and  the earth; the beloved tribes of healers, dancers and artists who live the language of my soul; my profound awakening through the Oracle of Initiation deck’s earthen knowing; each of my teachers and initiators, you each gifted me with the wisdom of your medicine; the Painted in the Desert movie project that ignited my need for more inspirational collaborative offerings; and the fierce reclamation of my own creative impulses. “Creativity saved my soul, every time.”

One final master must be acknowledged, the one who was the external catalyst for the internal metamorphosis that brought me to today. Ten years ago today my husband Christopher died. I have no doubt, with all of the love and kindness he brought to this world, that he rests in peace.

Thank you deer Christopher for your vast sweetness, your playful goofiness, and your solid devotion. You were the gift I had to grow into, that woman’s dreams manifest. I know you watch over me, proud and loving, an Ancestor now supporting my blossoming into the woman I am today. As I have always said, the Angels brought you to me, and I send you profound gratitude for all you have given. Dance freely in the mountains my love, as I continue this crazy beautiful earth walk with a wink and a nod to you. M

Returned to Spirit.

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