Pilchuck Glass School Artistic Adventures in the Woods TWO

Glass artist Bob Carlson with a painted glass creation

Last week MK, Frank and I all got to visit the mecca of glass art education at the Pilchuck Glass school in Stanwood, Washington. Linked here is the first blog post I wrote about the school giving you a poetic perspective about its history and significance:


Collaborative painted jugs

Visiting this wonderful place was particularly significant because in MK’s new documentary film, Painted in the Desert, which all three of us collaborated on over the last nine months,  six of the eleven masters of the studio glass movement featured in the film were up at Pilchuck teaching together. The film is deeply inspiring about how to live a life of creative freedom, and coming to this place where all eleven of the glass artists from the film have taught, learned, and played throughout their careers was a closing of the circle.

Pilchuck pioneer John Landon with glass artists Lark Dalton, and Fritz Dreisbach

This day at Pilchuck was also a reunion of some of the far-sighted mavericks who established this glorious art camp in the woods forty years ago. John Landon was there, one of the early visionaries, who with the genius artistic creator and promoter Dale Chihuly took two thousand dollars  and made a world-renowned hub of molten experimentation on this rural tree farm. Other early studio glass movement contributors who were enjoying John’s famous smoked salmon were Fritz Dreisbach, Lark Dalton, and the photographer Russel Johnson. John’s salmon was sublime, and we even got some of the artists to hula hoop!! Thanks everybody for such an amazing day.

Collective collage in the maintenance building
Mellissae Lucia and Walt Lieberman from the Painted in the Desert movie enjoying Walt’s down home goblet
Glass artist Dick Weiss, with long time collaborator Walt Lieberman and his daughter Mellissae Lucia
The magical cement and cast glass sanctuary in the woods called the Trojan Horse illuminated by candles
Bob Carlson and Lark Dalton Hula Hooping
Larissa, Frank, and Mellissae in the Trojan Horse
Glass mystic Paul Marioni with Mellissae Lucia both in the Painted in the Desert film by MK Barr. Paul designed that amazing shirt!!
Pole turners groovin’ while they are chauffeured around the campus
WD 40+ print collaborations by Dick Weiss and Walt Lieberman
Years of glass debris hucked down the embankment glistening in the dappled sunlight-treasures everywhere!!
The beautiful campus
Hula Hoop Heaven!!!

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