“Love Affair with Red Earth” excerpt from the Oracle of Initiation-Rainbows in the Dark book

Another excerpt from the newly released Oracle of Initiation-Rainbows in the Dark book that accompanies the visionary Oracle of Initiation divination deck created on New Mexico’s red earth by Mellissae Lucia:

Mellissae Lucia in a New Mexico graffiti tunnel where she does her Painted Body ritualistic photography series work

Love Affair with Red Earth

The desert liberated me. Its vast, open landscape feeds me

with a silence and expansiveness that I have never

experienced anywhere else. I believe New Mexico is one of

the most magical, liminal, complex places on the earth. It’s

like Ireland and New Zealand, a territory located in an

alternate dimension. As the Celts say, it is one of the “thin

places,” a portal into the hidden realms of the spirits and

ancestors. If it is yours, it reaches into a core place,

claiming you without words, without thought, without

conscious articulation, but it claims you nonetheless.

Through the desert, I found my spare and tempered wildness.

The land offers an intimacy, a raw tenderness that arrests me.

It is subtle here, you must readjust to recognize the delicate

austerity of the beauty. It is also a place that demands

heartiness, stamina, resilience, and fortitude of the spirit.

The desert is big enough to hold my visions.


all images and text copyright Mellissae Lucia 2009

Card number 3. Instinct from the Oracle of Initiation deck by Mellissae Lucia

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