The Painted in the Desert movie is released: Watch it NOW!

This a very special day for the manifestation of dreams. Exactly a year and five days ago MK Barr and my life changed dramatically. We could not have anticipate how much committing to the Painted in the Desert documentary film would impact both of us then, but today we joyfully release it to the world.

If you are new to this project, it is a full length documentary by MK Barr weaving together my metamorphosis in the New Mexico desert with the wisdom of 17 other working artists as they share the secrets of how they survive and thrive with art as their day gig. Over half of the artists in the film are studio glass movement pioneers I grew up with including my father Dick Weiss.  Each of these glass world masters share over forty years of insights into how they have had the stamina, grit and fortitude to follow their own path. You can see the passion and delight they bring to everything they do as we get an insider’s view of their magical studios and homes, the external reflection of their internal artistic abundance.

I have linked below MK’s post on the Painted in the Desert blog for the three different ways you can purchase and view the film ranging from $8.99 to $25.00. Many blessing for supporting our joyful work and to the other artistic innovators who have blessed this project.

Where to buy the film:

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