Rare Sami exhibit of Norse indigenous culture in Seattle until November 4th

Eight Seasons in Sápmi, the Land of the Sámi People

At the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle

Go see this wonderful exhibit at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard before it closes on November 4th to learn more about the indigenous culture of the Scandinavian people. http://www.nordicmuseum.org/ My gene pool in this lifetime is Scandinavian and German, and it has been so valuable for my own explorations into other indigenous cultures to have a basis of knowledge in the one whose package I present with. I do believe we all carry Spirits from our many incarnations, and there is an honoring and responsibility to the ones we were born into.

In my Oracle of Initiation book some of the guardians who came through for the cards are from the Sami, including Juksahkka, Grandmother of the Bow; The Noaidi, their shamans; and Beivi Neijd, Sun Girl. I learned of the Noaidi and Juksahkka when I took a Foundation for Shamanic Studies workshop on Sami Shamanism from Ailo Gaup. It was really incredible, and the journey we did to the fierce and transformative Juksahkka was one of the most intense non-ordinary reality experiences I  have ever had. Her raw power is like Kali, slaughtering what no longer serves your evolution. I still go to her when I need a Dark Mother to rip the band-aid off my illusions. Here is the Noaidi guardian’s channeled excerpt from the Oracle of Initiation book:


At the gift shop I found a wonderful calendar by Kurt Seaberg about Sami heritage. http://www.samispirit.com/ His artwork is incredible, and some of the information is not easy to find if you do not speak the Scandinavian languages.

Here are four of the female guardians. Thank you to Kurt Seaberg’s Saami Spirit Calendar 2013. Buy one, they are wonderful and magic!

I also took a photo of the drum symbols he put in the calendar of Juksahkka and her sisters and mother. The Sami drums are a glorious representations of one of our earth based cultures spiritual cosmology revealed on a sacred ceremonial object. If you want more information on some of the Sami symbolism in my Oracle deck, this is a lovely blog post from before changing my name professionally. It also speaks of the African influences in the deck, explaining some of the pan-indigenous aspects of the Oracle of Initiation.


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