Claim your sovereign brilliance with the Oracle of Initiation set and free goodies for the holidays!

Hello beautiful people. We are quickly approaching the ominous 12-12-12 transition. What are your dreams for the New Reality? Are you living them? How do you deal with the ups and downs of these wild times? And how do you  share your juicy brilliance with the collective?

Oracle of Initiation buried in the New Mexico soil of its creation.

Oracle of Initiation buried in the New Mexico soil of its creation.

Three powerful tools to inspire and ignite your own creative flames are now available, with a special offer to receiving one of them for FREE. When you order the limited edition Oracle of Initiation divination deck and book for $152.00, you can receive either the Painted in the Desert movie (a $25.00 value) or the Infinite Permission poetry book (a $16.95 value) for free! You may also offer the gift of transformation to your beloveds by giving the Oracle and the freebie as a holiday surprise. {NOTE: this is a special offer that is not on my website, so you will need to email me to participate: AND if you want it to get somewhere by your holiday schedule act soon. very soon. YAH.)

Below is a little more about each of these potent projects designed to light the way into the New Reality. Part of the new paradigm is of joyful co-creation, we must work together to build the new ways, and each of these items were brought forth with the merging of magic between individuals, the earth and Spirits.

  • The Oracle of Initiation divination deck and book set by Mellissae Lucia (moi)
  • The Painted in the Desert documentary film by MK Barr about my wild journeys
  • Infinite Permission poetry book by Wendy Mulhern with my illustrations

Oracle of Initiation book Mellissae Lucia

The Oracle of Initiation divination deck is a startling and mysterious guide to navigating the shape-shifting landscape of rights of passage. Mary K Greer, the Tarot maven offers her view of the Oracle:

“While the tarot is often described as the soul’s journey, the Oracle of Initiation, on the other hand, offers a journey of the Spirit. The images are haunting, spellbinding, intoxicating, instinctual. When working with them, you enter the immediacy of a timeless Now. Although solitary musings, they resonate with all our relations. Although seemingly personal, they touch both the ancient and universal in each of us. They are an eloquent reminder that the earth is Spirit-embodied and we are one with it. Highly recommended as a spiritual companion and tool for your own journey.”

Meet your own Rainbows in the Dark, claiming the power of your greatest gifts hidden in your greatest challenges. 

Painted in the desert documentary film, movie. women artists, glass artists, MK Barr, Mellissae Lucia Melissa Weiss Steele

The Painted in the Desert documentary film

Experience the engrossing new documentary film, Painted in the Desert, by MK Barr, as it delves into the lives of 18 working artists offering an intimate view only an insider could access.  Following second-generation artist and adventurer Mellissae Lucia into the wilds of the New Mexico desert, the movie also weaves in candid and fascinating interviews with the studio glass movement pioneers Mellissae grew up with including her father Dick Weiss. Filmed in the enchanting studios and homes of these groundbreaking innovators, the film explores how these working artists really feel about collaboration, inspiration, earning a living, and the deep satisfaction of following their own visions. Painted in the Desert shares the surprising truth about what it takes to survive and thrive with art as your day gig.

Parts of the movie were filmed in the New Mexico locations where all of the Painted Body images were created for the Oracle deck. See the underworld graffiti tunnels and vast Technicolor canyons that birthed the Oracle’s unique “ancient petroglyphs come alive” feeling.

Infinite_Permission_Cover_for_Kindle Mellissae Lucia Wendy Mulhern

Infinite Permission poetry book

Wendy Mulhern’s enchanting new poetry book, Infinite Permission, will take you along a path of liberation-liberation from constricting concepts of body image, identity and purpose to a fuller range of movement and a deeper sense of spiritual wholeness.

With full color, (some never seen before) Earthen Body and Painted Body ritualistic photography images gracing the poems intimate wisdom, it is a book that shares the thrills and challenges of dancing into creative sovereignty. To see inside the book go to the Amazon link below and under the thumbnail image of the cover choose ‘search inside book.’ Then choose ‘surprise me!’ so fun!

mellissae lucia

We are all in these earth-shaking shifts together, and I wish you beauty, grace, and unleashed joy upon your own pathways of awakening. Much bee-light-liscious-love, Mellissae


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