Top 12 in 2012


What a banner year this was. Many wild surprises and the completion of some major projects in my sparkly little solar system. Let me share my top 12 preoccupations in no particular order over the last year as we collectively hurtle towards the mysterious 12-12-12.

Oracle of Initiation buried in the New Mexico soil of its creation.

Oracle of Initiation buried in the New Mexico soil of its creation.

1. The Oracle of Initiation divination deck finally completed!

Growing up in the mossy Pacific Northwest I never, ever, could have anticipated that I would move to the arid Southwest, and create an almost 50,000 image body of work naked, alone and painted in the desert. This Painted Body photography series became the images in my original Oracle of Initiation divination deck. Writing a book has been one of my own personal life goals, and completing the 400-page tome that accompanies the deck was such a major accomplishment.

mellissae lucia painted body series New Mexico desert Oracle of initiation divination deck

The book is filled with earthened wisdom on navigating initiation, collaborative descriptions for the cards from 22 cutting-edge visionaries, and channeled messages from cross-cultural deities. I continue to be in awe of the Oracle’s deep mystery and shape-shifting abilities.

Oracle of Initiation book Mellissae Lucia

SPECIAL OFFER: In honor of the turning times, through January 15th, 2013, when you order an Oracle of Initiation deck and book, I will add either a copy of the Painted in the Desert movie {see #4 below} or the new poetry book, Infinite Permission, with my Painted Body images as illustrations {see #6 below}. Give the gift of exploring your wild brilliance hidden in your Rainbows in the Dark through the Oracle’s wise guidance this season. This offer must be replied to directly to me, its not on the website-go to “contact” on the Oracle site and email me:

2. I LOVE it here! Back in the ancestral Cascadia

Well, one never does know what is coming in life. I learned that one ten years ago when my life flew off into a whole different trajectory.  I needed some drying out from the soggy Northwest, and my desert sojourns in Texas and New Mexico beautifully accommodated that need. And, since we never really know, I have been called back to live in the Pacific Northwest. I am sixth generation from this beautiful and dense place.  It is gloriously lush, insanely majestic, with the mountains and the sound cradling you like a child. And I still need the balance of wide-open spaces and some drying out. So I live between Seattle {I love Ballard} and Ellensburg now, fulfilling the dreams I have had of living with both the ocean and the desert. 

Mossy magical worlds with my beloved cousin Leela in Cascadia.

Mossy magical worlds with my beloved cousin Leela in Cascadia.

3. The Hipstamatic camera on the iphone

Oh boy. When I fall in love with a new gadget, look out. I go full tilt boogie, and this four dollars worth of apps has rocked my world. Last year when I went to Central America to film the psychedelic Easter festivities in Guatemala with my old skool Holga and  Oktomat eight eyed film cameras, I spent a chunk of change on film, developing, prints and shipping. Now, I can get similar outcomes on my phone! Here are just a few of the enchanting pictures that have emerged over the last year, with a focus on the new double exposure app. It is so necessary for me to be surprised and get out of the way. And I LOVE the photo booth apps too.


Mellissae Lucia


4. The Painted in the Desert documentary film

This one came out of left field in the best of ways. June 2011 my creative partner in crime MK Barr had the wild idea of making a feature length documentary about my metamorphosis in the New Mexico desert. So MK, her partner Frank, and I set out to film a movie. From the beginning MK carried a strong vision for the film to be uplifting, inspiring, and informative about how successful artists have stayed the course living their unique visions. We interviewed the glass artists I grew up with in their enchanting northwest studios and homes and then we flew to my beloved New Mexico to capture the ancient desert landscape where the Painted Body ritualistic photography series was created.  In an astonishing nine months MK created her beautiful vision sharing 18 different artists stories of living the life of their dreams. Watch it now:


5. WinZer Farms animal love

Baby animals are magic. OK, all animals are magic, but there is something about the wee ones that really can pull at the heartstrings. This last year I have been blessed to visit my friends Laurie and Klaus’s holistic farm in Ellensburg and fall in love with many enchanted little beings. My heart glows from the sanctuary they have created. 


CalliegrownLOVE copy

photo-14 copy 2



6. Wendy Mulhern’s Infinite Permission poetry book

Wendy Mulhern is a magical sprite of a woman. She glows. I met her through Flying Turtle ecstatic dance, and over time fell in love with her openhearted innocence and her profoundly insightful poetry. She asked me to collaborate on the first of a series of books she is publishing from her group of poems that she writes daily. The marriage between my ritualistic earthen portraits and her Infinite Permission collection of poems is fascinating. Putting visual representations to the vast visions of poetry is an interesting exercise, and somehow the archetypal nature of my photography work allows the words to remain uninhibited, enhancing not limiting the text. To order a copy:

**February 2nd, 2013 we are offering a multi-media event with the Infinite Permission book in Seattle-MARK your calendar!

Infinite_Permission_Cover_for_Kindle Mellissae Lucia Wendy Mulhern

7. My Queen is released!

My friend Brian Thomas Parks rocks. I fell in love with him two years ago at Oregon Country Fair, and we have been buds since. He is a gifted artist, photography being one of his instruments of creation. Brian photographed my beloved friend Beegee and I, capturing our inner Queens. This is not an easy thing for me, I am used to taking photos of myself, and to open up to another is a big deal. And thanks to B & B I can die a happy woman now, my inner Grace Kelly shone through. Thanks BTP, you RULE.

MelissaWS-275 copy

8. Will

No, not my own willful nature silly. A magical Open Air Man. Thanks Cupid, Good job. Much appreciated.

snowlightW9 copy

9. Orin Court communal living

I really feel blessed to have been part of the final crew that lived in this pivotal house for the Seattle ecstatic dance community. The big, lumbering Victorian dwelling held court over many, many juicy parties and events over the years. I will miss the turret room, the sun porch, the gardens, raucous dance parties, chatting at the kitchen island, taking a bath in the big tub, the active crows and squirrels, seeing the turn of the last century stone foundation on the way to the basement, and being one block away from the secret Greenlake swimming hole. Big love to Scot, Jens, and Kerry, my roomies for a moment.

A magic Orin Court horned tomato!

A magic Orin Court horned tomato!

10. Silliness

Oh yah, makes the world go round. In images. 






11. NEW magical projects

The last year has been a gestation time. In the birthing of the Oracle deck and the Painted in the Desert movie, I needed a break. My creative well needed to be replenished, so until now I have not flown headlong into another big undertaking. Three inspirations are calling me now, and I am figuring out how to balance these compelling ideas pulling at my attention.

Beautiful Faery me Mellissae Lucia copy

The first one is offering current channeling from the delicious Guardians in the Oracle book. I fell in love with the ancient Spirits who came through during the book’s creation, and they are excited to share more wisdom on navigating our initiatory journeys. The Guardians are wonderfully cross-cultural, from Norse to African to Native American to Egyptian to Asian Pacific Islanders, to Greco-Roman deities. Stay tuned for how this will emerge.

Aphrodite Mellissae Lucia collage

The second is a series of interviews with cutting-edge visionaries working with the shifts into our New Reality. How are the other healers, artists and mystics working through their own initiations and supporting others.  I look forward to exploring this vital information through the next year.

hell_yes copy

The third is a work in progress, and like the Oracle of Initiation, it weaves together all of the parts of myself from the sophisticated artists to the naive goofy child within. I will keep you hanging for now…OH JOY! More to come and a new Mellissae Lucia website soon.

Thanks Brent Williamson for the image in Abiquiu, NM.

Thanks Brent Williamson for the image in Abiquiu, NM.

12. The wonder of what is to come

This life really is a great mystery, and may we all find grace, love and adventure in these magical transformative times. I look forward to all of your electric brilliance, and happy Guadalupe’s feast day and the end of a 26,000 year cycle on 12-12-12! And might we be jolly pagans and celebrate 13-13-13?? P.S. Glad you are OK mama after going to the human vet. xx

IMG_3172 copy 2


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