12-12-12 to 12-21-12 the reunion of Aphrodite and Pan

My Aphrodite collage photo transferred

My Aphrodite collage photo transferred

We are in changing times. That we know for sure. There can be deep unrest and doubt during these shifts, and it takes a lot of focus and dedication to hold ones center. When an old paradigm is dying, the ringing death knell can be epic. As tragedies arise from the lack of integrated love within, they push us to stand stronger to reclaim a place where violence is not glorified in the media as a way to keep us paralyzed and unconscious in our collective terror. Shifts can be homeopathic in nature, the symptoms of the poisons are accelerated right before the breakthrough into healing. We are definitely in the accelerated portion of the program.

illustration by my father Dick Weiss in 1970

Falling into the rebirth of our New Reality. Illustration by my father Dick Weiss in 1970.

And re-member, we are on the edge of a new renaissance, a New Reality of connectiveness that most of cannot even imagine. Many, many ancient prophesies are aligning at these times to alert us to the metamorphosis we are undergoing, the re-union of the masculine and the feminine into sacred balance. We have been living the imbalanced patriarchy for a long time, the disconnected, greedy, violent, aggressive, controlling, unemotional aspects of the wounded masculine that has crippled both men and women. We have lost the divine dance between the grounded, honoring, protective, motivating, co-creative aspects of the male psyche that merge with the expansive source of the flowing female intuition that births great beauty and miracles.  This merging reaches beyond the romantic to realigning our friendships, families, and the culture at large.

Delicious Pan with my water-colored owl wings in a photo transfer.

Delicious Pan with my water-colored owl wings in a photo transfer.

As a way of calling in the New Reality, may we imagine the joy, sensuality, adventure and passion that Aphrodite and Pan share frolicking in the wilds, loving and creating from their expansive hearts. Pagan goddess Kelliana offers musical accompaniment:



Below is a cosmic perspective on this re-union, if you want the woo-woo portion of the program. I have also included some of the altar images from a gathering of wise women I attended as we divined and manifested between this powerful portal of 12-12 to 12-21-12.

During this gathering of women we used my Oracle of Initiation divination deck along with many others, and in using multiple sets of my Oracle decks, twice out of twelve Oracle cards chosen the same pairing of cards emerged. I had wondered if that might happen, and it did! We got card 40. Conduit, and card 17. The Gateway of Initiation: Surrender, both twice. Those are very auspicious cards, calling each of us to be vessels, channels of the new light within, as we are invited to offer control and receive freedom as we navigate the initiatory turbulence to embodying our divine essences. I see it all as surfing, so find your centered shimmy on your board and lets ride the waves together into our true divine selves.

40. Conduit from the Oracle of Initiation.

40. Conduit from the Oracle of Initiation.

Lauren the channeler offers the cosmic perspective on 12/21/12 from the Pleiadian High Council:

“They explain that our (December solstice) sun…what they refer to a father God… is aligning with the Milky Way core…what they call mother God…to create the long-awaited (merging) event that, according to the Mayan calendar signifies the end of a 26,000-year cycle and the (collective) birth of a new world age. Because I have no background, and therefore framework for astrology, the unseens politely dumb down the information just enuf for me to grasp by intimating that father God will make sex to mother God on that day to consummate the sacred union necessary to birth our physical new world.

Apparently, this (tantric?) merging of male and female energies in the galactic “womb of creation/cosmic birth canal” will create a convergence of (duality) timelines into unity, or “ALL time”, where we (humanity) will open to receive central galactic intelligence thru our sun that will be responsible for our migration from duality to unity-consciousness.”

entire article from Lauren: http://thinkwithyourheart.com/3966/rising-of-the-new-sun-121212-122112/

IMG_0298Blessed return of the light, in ways we cannot even imagine.

12-21-12 quarantined with a cold and messing around in my little magical creatrix cave.

12-21-12 quarantined with a cold and messing around in my little magical creatrix cave.

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