TinType Heaven without the chemicals-Portraits

mellissae lucia hipstamatic tintype

I have now died and gone to artistic heaven. When I was living in Santa Fe I went to a photo review show where the artists accepted into that years process were sharing their work with the public. I met Keliy Anderson-Staley and fell in love with her mystical and compelling tintype portraits.  The process is super old-skool, with its hey day in the civil war era. Fellow photographer Sally Man has also made her career hiding under a black cloth as she patiently exposes tin and glass plates through antiquated camera lenses.  I was in NYC a few months after the show on a family art pilgrimage and made an appointment to have her shoot me in her studio in Long Island. Her huge artists warehouse was covered in graffiti, and the entire day was magical. It was so hot a few of the plates didn’t even turn out. Ever since seeing those enchanting images I have wanted to do the process myself. The challenge is I am chemically sensitive and would never survive as a classic dark room photographer. And then comes Hipstmatic, one of the new loves of my creative life. They just came out with a Tintype app, and I have been going NUTS. The first five are mine, the last two were the ones taken on that muggy day on Strong Island a few years ago. Enjoy and look for the landscapes and still lifes up next.

ttWilleyesFilson TTScotredhatBruce1 TTmehighneck ttMakaidoor TTBeckyNYE12 080719 melissa5work 080719 melissa3PRThe two real-deal Tintype photos of me above are copyrighted by the creator Keliy Anderson-Staley. See more of her amazing work at: http://www.andersonstaley.com/index.html.

I especially love Keliy’s couples! My Hipstamamtic app does not do face recognition for both people in my images, as the real ones do. oh well. Go see her glorious work for what is possible with this seriously righteous process.

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